Having the best tools to do the best job is important to any hair stylist. Olivia Garden hair brushes are among the top in the trade, using unique technology to create styling tools that give beautiful results. We asked them a few questions so you can find out more about your next favourite hair styling brush

Tell us more about how Olivia Garden Brushes began?

It all started with a “Rendez-Vous” on a beach at the Cote d’Azure over 50 years ago: Water-ski instructor Jean Rennette met his wife Micheline, a hairdresser, and fell in love. Back in Belgium, they decided to commit their life to fulfil the needs of hairdressers, always having in mind to find solutions to their everyday problems in the salon. After wigs & curlers, they began to produce high-quality brushes that are now sold in more than 100 countries.

How does the brand remain innovative?

To always offer the most innovative tools to hairdressers, we have built up our Research and Development Center in the heart of the high-tech innovation hub, San Francisco Bay, California. The secret to a successful tool is that it helps the hairdresser in his or her daily needs. Therefore, we closely work together with stylists and hairdressers already in the product development. Along with the best materials and technologies available, we are able to constantly present new brushes for the salon.

What makes Olivia Garden Brushes stand out from their competitors?

Many hairdressers call an Olivia Garden Brush their “favourite” brush – and we are very proud of that. With worshipping the hairdresser as an artist, Olivia Garden is acknowledged as a partner in return, who offers high-quality tools at an affordable price. Founder Jean Rennette once said: “The hairdressers need the best tools in their hands to make their imagination become a reality.”

Now, our tools are used not only in salons worldwide but also by celebrity stylists, backstage at big shows like London Fashion Week and other galas.

Olivia Garden paddle brush

What are your best-selling products and why do you think that is?

The Ceramic+ion Range is acknowledged as the Number 1 Thermal Round Brush for many hairdressers across Europe. The ceramic barrel of the white and grey colored series easily retains the heat and distributes it evenly into the hair. The ionized bristles eliminate frizz and fly-aways.

Some hairdressers are very sensitive about bacteria on tools – therefore we also sell a lot the NanoThermic Series Round Brushes. It has a NanoSilver coating that is antibacterial, while also offering all features of the Ceramic+ion. And we know many users just love the glamorous design with gold and chocolate colours…

In Paddle Brushes, the Fingerbrush Combo Concept has become a groundbreaking success since first introduced a few years ago. It is hand-shaped, with the bristles being on flexible fingers. This makes the brush easily adapt the curved shape of the head. The bristle combination of 100% real Boar and Nylon detangles hair and at the same time adds a natural shine.

Best Olivia Garden Brushes…

How have trends within the business of tools evolved over the years?

We see two main trends. First of all, hairdressers get creative every day in finding new, sometimes unorthodox techniques to style hair – and demand the tools to adapt to that. This is what we did when we saw stylists use round brushes like curlers and leave them in the hair to let it dry. We now made this much more convenient with the new MultiBrush system with detachable barrels in different sizes depending on the hair length and desired style. The barrels easily grip in the hair and are super light so they won’t fall off.

With the Ceramic+ion Speed XL, we introduced a longer barrel version of the best-selling Ceramic+ion, as hairdressers love to be able to style more hair at once, reducing the overall styling time.

On the other hand, it is a huge trend to work more green in the salon. Olivia Garden supports hairdressers to do that, without having to make compromises to professionalism: The EcoHair Series is made of ecological bamboo, that re-grows very fast. At the same time, the EcoHair brushes look and feel very nice, with their blue colour highlights and a soft touch coating. The range features Round Brushes and different Paddles.

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