Renowned for their flawless results and professional finish, this month’s brand spotlight is with tanning specialists, Crazy Angel. Here, we catch up with the brand to discover more about their story, how they are continuing to innovate within the business of tanning, as well as what we can expect from the brand in 2018 and beyond.

Tell us more about how Crazy Angel began?

Crazy Angel took the tanning market by storm in 2010, launching as a professional only brand to capitalise on the surge in salon tanning trends.

Crazy Angel knows that all angels are unique and that a one-colour-suits-all product isn’t personalised enough with an angelic touch for their precious bodies. From this, the boutique brand was born. Ingredients were sourced from around the world to meet with the strict, alcohol, mineral oil and paraben free promise. Our range wouldn’t look out of place in any boudoir. Whether this is at home, your salon, on location or on the catwalk, Crazy Angel will add a touch of angelic class.

After intense product innovation and development, only those that achieved the most gorgeous and fabulous tan made it in to the collection. Staying true to the original concept of offering a fabulous, flawless and fantastic tanning range, the industry specialists at Crazy Angel Head Quarters are so passionate and work relentlessly to create new products that will revolutionise the world of tanning.

How does Crazy Angel stay competitive within the industry?

At Crazy Angel we eat, sleep and breathe tan and we strive to ensure that we meet our consumers’ needs and expectations. Working with our customers and taking their feedback on board we work continuously with our New Product Development team and in-house lab to produce innovative formulations and easy to use tan applications for our customers.

Daily we keep a close eye on the professional and retail tanning markets and also analyse trends not only within the UK but also world wide. The team at Crazy Angel strive to guarantee professional products that deliver effective and flawless results.

How have trends within the business of tanning evolved over the years?

Tanning is still an essential part of a beauty routine, guaranteed to give that “feel-good” factor. But just like hair, make-up and nails trends, tanning looks have change over the years and the seasons so it is important to keep ahead of the trends.

We have noticed that one year dark tans are a must have and then twelve months later we see a rise in sales of our lighter variants. Crazy Angel has identified this and we offer our customers a tan for every tone and every season ranging from our darkest tan at 16% DHA – Noir Mistress to our lightest tan at 6% DHA Golden Mistress.

The last few years have also seen the rise of bespoke and custom tanning and not to forget tan touring – the contouring trick that uses self-tan alone to sculpt and define the face and body. Crazy Angel Take Me Higher Drops with 34% DHA are perfect to achieve this effect.  

Male grooming is also the latest topic to take the beauty industry by storm, with statistics stating that Fake Tanning is on the rise.  One in four aged 16-24 are using self-tan products and among Britain’s young men it is a trend that seems to be here to stay. Like women, men want to look healthier, slimmer and more toned and as the lines of the stereotypical fake tan user are now blurred, males are also seeking a bit of colour and definition in their lives!

What do you think sets Crazy Angel apart from their competitors?

Crazy Angel is an attractive brand with proven results.  Our tried and trusted products go hand in hand with great shelf presence, eye catching marketing, wide distribution and dedicated customer support. Our customers are key and we aim to ensure that they get the most from our products. Crazy Angel offer an extensive training course that ensures that from day one of being introduced to the brand our customers are fully invested.

Crazy Angel are constantly keeping up with market trends and have the ability to be reactive. Crazy Angel is a sexy yet functional range of products that deliver quality and a flawless tanning results time after time retaining the confidence of our customers.

What tanning/formula/product trends do you predict for 2018 and beyond?

Last year saw the popularity of the dark tan so we may be back to lighter shades for a more golden and natural glow. Consumers are looking for fast convenient tans to accommodate the busy lifestyles that we all lead so again this will be popular.  In 2017 we say a surge in the 1 hour tan so tanning times are only going to get shorter!

What has been the brand’s greatest success?

The launch of Crazy Angel Bronze Desire Instant Air-Brush Self Tan in 2014 has been one of the most successful retail launched that Crazy Angel has had. This fast and effective product with its 360° spray fir even the most hard to reach places, creates an instant bronze glow that will begin to develop after 2 hours resulting in a flawless, natural looking tan.

Formulated with dual tanning agents DHA and Erythrulose combined with the moisturising benefits Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to produce heavenly long lasting results.

What are your best-selling products?

Our best selling products are our professional spray tans that come in 6%/9%/13% and 16% DHA. Since our launch is 2010 the most popular variant is our 9% Twilight Mistress which gives clients a gorgeous bronze glow. In terms of retail our star product is still Bronze desire. Bronze Desire is easy to use and produces fast and long lasting flawless results.

How has social media had an effect on the brand?

Social media has been great for the brand. As self-tanning is so visual it is a great way for people to share their tanning results. It is also a cost effective way to target a captive audience instantly allowing the Crazy Angel to capitalise on events that may be relevant to the brand.

What can we expect from Crazy Angel throughout 2018 and beyond?

2018 see the launch of our eagerly awaited Striptease Tan Eraser which will be in stores 1st May.  This is an exciting NEW product that will revolutionise the professional tanning market. Strip Tease Tan Eraser is designed to gently and effectively remove self-tan to reveal a fresh base for tanning. The delicate cleansing mousse removes self-tan in minutes leaving skin feeling silky smooth and nourished.

This product is perfect for when your old tan is ready to come off and you are ready for a fresh new tan. This line is a great retail offering for salons to upsell to their clients without jeopardising their professional spray tanning business. 2018 is sure to be an exciting year for Crazy Angel and tanning.

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