In the retail world, loyalty schemes have been used to influence buyers for years – you probably have a few cards in your purse yourself – and when implemented correctly they can be extremely successful.

When you consider how much competition there is in the hair and beauty industry, a good client loyalty scheme should be a key part of your client marketing strategy.

What do your clients really want?

What is the most popular treatment that you offer? Is this your most cost effective treatment? What you are trying to achieve with the scheme – is it to increase spend per visit, or is it to encourage more regular visits?

What sounds better to you – 10% off a next visit, or something completely free? Something free! Why not offer a free service on a client’s 6th visit? Something which is inexpensive for you to perform, but which will carry a higher value to the client, for example a free massage or a free wash and blow dry.

Whatever scheme you choose, make sure that it is clear to clients and that there can be no objections or confusion.

Retail Incentive

Retail in the salon can sometimes be a hard sell, especially with strong competition from online stores. Offering discounts on retail items to certain types of clients on a certain day e.g. students or pensioners is a good idea, or you might want to consider a scheme where the client receives a free product once they’ve bought so many.

Saying Thank You

In this industry, client loyalty is key. Reward your regular clients with thank you cards and offer them a free treatment for introducing a new client to the salon – word of mouth is arguably one of the best forms of marketing in the hair and beauty industry.

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