Re-imagine demi-permanent hair colour as you know it! Here at Salons Direct, we are delighted to stock the demi-permanent hair colour innovation from Schwarzkopf Professional.

Hair colour has been at the heart of Schwarzkopf Professional for over 50 years, and with the IGORA vibrance range, there really is no stopping them!

Consistent and Predictable Results: Igora Vibrance offers consistent and predictable results, which is essential for professionals who need to deliver precise colour outcomes for their clients

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Unlock Vibrant Colour with Igora Vibrance: Your Ultimate Guide

Schwarzkopf IGORA Vibrance




IGORA Vibrance is the first ammonia-free tone-on-tone colour that doesn’t fade but evolves over time. Your clients are treated to a refreshed new tone after each wash!


IGORA Vibrance is perfect for when you want to offer your clients fresh and intense colours with +70% shine.


Moreover, it is ideal for those who like to go bold with their hair colour!

Key Features

  • It lasts up to 25 washes
  • 68 shades!
  • Moisture-protecting complex with AQUAXYL to stabilise hair moisture during the development process.
  • Alcohol-free with 40% less alkalinising agent to protect against breakage.

Long-Lasting Color Guaranteed

Professionals and their clients appreciate the long-lasting colour results achieved with Igora Vibrance. The formula is designed to lock in colour pigments, resulting in vibrant hues that maintain their intensity and shine for weeks after the initial application. This is particularly important for clients who want low-maintenance colour solutions.

Pastels, neons, and vibrant fashion colours.

Mix and match these shades to create unique and trendy colour combinations that are sure to turn heads.


Now, in 2024, with its infinite colour palette, many service opportunities, flexible applications and always-evolving techniques, IGORA Vibrance is the right brand for all hairdressers who never stop exploring, evolving and creating.


Take a look at the Schwarzkopf IGORA Vibrance colour chart…


Schwarzkopf IGORA Vibrance

Get the IGORA Vibrance shade chart for your clients!

Now with 11 NEW shades for MORE service oppurtinies



Here at Salons Direct, we like to bring your client’s choice, and IGORA Vibrance is perfect for those clients who want to be able to change their hair colour…without the commitment.


This advanced demi-permanent hair colour is derived from a liquid formula that can turn into a gel or a cream, meaning you can offer…


✅ More performance: Up to 100% more INSTAshine, plus increased hair protection vs untreated hair.

✅ More convenience: The new liquid formula, with a 1-to-1 mixing ratio, allows for easier formulation, faster mixing, and more efficient application.

✅ More versatility: The liquid demi-permanent colour allows you to choose between a gel or a creamy consistency for a quick application with gel and a precise application with cream.

✅ More choice: A full range of demi-permanent colour services, including clear glossing, colour correction, pastel toning, and more, is available!

More Shine & Care

🌟 Our iconic formula with the AQUAXYL Moisture Protecting Complex offers up to 100% more shine while protecting the hair’s integrity through a combination of sugar molecules and vitamins.

🌟 All of the Schwarzkopf IGORA Vibrance Pastel Toners have an integrated Fibrebond Technology for reduced hair breakage and healthy-looking, beautiful blonde results.

Sustainability ♻️

IGORA Vibrance now comes with newly developed sustainable packaging.

The folding box is up to 83% recycled cardboard.

The bottle and cap is 50% recycled plastic.

A carbon-free black cap and bottle for 100% recyclability

Sustainable apron, application bottle, colour brushes and colour bowl.


Find out more with our IGORA Vibrance FAQ answers!

Is IGORA Vibrance Permanent?

IGORA Vibrance is not permanent – it’s a demi-permanent hair colour that lasts up to 25 washes. Perfect for clients who love to switch up their colour, you can use IGORA Vibrance for…

  • Neutralising brassiness
  • Refreshing permanent colour shades
  • Glossing the hair when using the non-pigmented 0-00 Clear shade
  • Creating pastel or fashion colour tones – just dilute with Clear!
  • Colour placement – add demi-permanent slices of colour

How do You Use IGORA Vibrance?

There are multiple ways to use Schwarzkopf IGORA Vibrance…

  1. Dual System Application.
  2. Full Head Application.
  3. Glossing.
  4. Pastel Toning.

Use a 1:1 mixing ratio with Schwarzkopf IGORA Vibrance Activator Lotion or Schwarzkopf IGORA Vibrance Activator Gel.

Dual System Application

This method allows for root coverage while maintaining the health and vibrance of hair ends.

  • Apply IGORA Royal to root regrowth on dry hair and allow it to develop for 10-20 minutes.
  • Apply IGORA Vibrance to mid-lengths and ends and develop for a further 10-20 minutes.
  • Rinse, wash and style.

Full Head Application

  • With dry or damp hair, create four quadrants.
  • Apply evenly from root to tip.
  • Process for 10-20 minutes.

Use with Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal Oil Developer

This developer is specially formulated to work with Igora Vibrance, ensuring optimal colour results and longevity. Available in different volumes (e.g., 3%, 6%, 9%, 12%), it allows for customised colour intensity and coverage.




Maintain the health and vitality of coloured hair with Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure.




Hair that has undergone chemical and physical over-processing can show damage to its inner and outer structure.

The Bonacure R-TWO range instantly repairs hair damage equivalent to…

  • 1x Lightening.
  • 2x Balayage Services.
  • 20,000x Combing Strokes.

*All results were tested separately/
**Two-product combination, including R-TWO Sealer.


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