To become a great barber, refining your skills is essential. But, so is having the right tools!

Whether you are an experienced barber or just starting out, having equipment that doesn’t meet your standards can be incredibly frustrating.

What’s more, when you are growing your barber shop business, you also want them to look professional too.

So, we’ve put together a list of some of our best selling barber accessories that are both functional and stylish. Which will you be adding to your shop?

Discover some of our favourite accessories that every barber needs for their shop!

Give fine attention to detail with these barber trimmers and shavers…

Along with your barber clippers, make sure you can perfect every fade and sharpen every line with the best trimmer and shaver you can find. The devil is after all, in the detail.

The lightweight Andis TS-1 Copper Edition Shaver not only looks the part with a sleek copper exterior. It also sports a gold titanium hypoallergenic foil with staggered blades, allowing you to get as close as possible – ideal for finishing off fades. You can charge it up, or if you are really busy, use it with the cord to keep the power going for longer.

Andis TS-1 Copper Edition Shaver

When it comes to creating the sharpest hairlines and edges, why not upgrade to the BaByliss PRO Cordless Skeleton Trimmer. With 120 minutes usage from just 3 hours of charge time, you can deliver the most precise details with th extra-wide Japanese steel blade.

BaByliss PRO Cordless Skeleton Trimme

Try the world’s lightest hair dryer

It’s not just hair salons that should invest in a top quality professional hair dryer. Keep your appointment times as efficient as possible with the Gama iQ Perfetto Hairdryer. Not only is it the most lightweight hair dryer on the market right now, it’s also among the quietest and has a speedy drying time. It’s even said to rival the Dyson.

Gama iQ Perfetto Hairdryer

Get suave with these shaving tools

Every barber needs top quality shaving tools. But, even better are shaving tools that perform as well as bringing that authentic barber shop feel to the experience.

The Dark Stag Cut Throat Razor is the perfect barber tool for old school close shaves. The handcrafted blade glides over skin, while the wooden handle and leather pouch add to the barber shop appeal.

Dark Stag Cut Throat Razor

Every barber needs a shaving bowl. But, does yours have a unique style with an individual design, like the Copacetic Copper Shaving Bowl?

Copacetic Copper Shaving Bowl

Finally, no barbering kit is complete without a good shaving brush. One of our best sellers is The Bluebeards Revenge Doubloon Synthetic Brush, which is made from dense, vegan-friendly bristles and a solid birch wood handle.

The Bluebeards Revenge Doubloon Synthetic Brush

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Don’t forget your hygiene essentials

Hygiene is absolutely essential in any barber shop. If you haven’t already tried Andis Cool Care Plus 5-in-1 for Blades, we recommend doing so. Not only does it cool, clean and lubricate the blades of your clippers or trimmers, but disinfects them, too.

You can find out more about how to care for you barber clippers here.

Andis Cool Care Plus 5-in-1 for Blades 15.5oz

Keeping tidy and organised also helps ensure your barber shop stays clean. This Wahl Rubber Work Station Mat should be an essential for every barber. Not only does it protect worktops, but is also perfect for keeping your clean tools in place while looking professional.

Wahl Rubber Work Station Mat

Level up your hair cutting tools

Once you have found the best barber scissors for your shop, there are still a few tools that every barber needs in their kit.

When did you last replace your cutting comb? It could be time to try the YS Park 332 Quick Cutting Comb. The double ended teeth allow you to easily change between cutting techniques – we think the design is spot on for barber shops, too.

YS Park YS 332 Quick Cutting Comb Carbon

Do you struggle with stray hairs getting in the way while trying to finish off on the details? We think every barber needs the Tru Barber Hair Grippers for this exact reason. Easy to add and remove, you can quickly keep the hair in place securely, allowing you to focus on the area that needs your attention.

Tru Barber Hair Grippers Pack of 2 Black-White

Finally, every barber needs a water spray bottle. But why go for a plain one? Our Skull Water Spray Bottle is perfect for spritzing water or bay rum while bringing a little extra character to your barber shop. What’s not to love?

Skull Barber Water Spray 600ml Grey

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