Following Kim Kardashian’s 2022 Met Gala blonde transformation, more and more clients have been asking for an all-over platinum blonde look. The scalp bleach look has been trending all Summer, and we see no momentum being lost anytime soon. So if you’re wondering what this trend is all about, keep on reading as we bring you up to speed on everything you need to know about scalp bleaching.

Everything you need to know about scalp bleaching

What is scalp bleaching?

Scalp Bleaching is a hair-lightening method that is used to achieve a very light hair colour, such as blonde, white or silver. As the name suggests, scalp bleaching involves a bleach application on the roots and lengths of the hair and is a useful technique for clients looking for an all-over platinum blonde look.

As with any chemical process, a professional colourist should always perform a scalp bleach, as it takes knowledge, time and effort to avoid any unwanted side effects and to achieve the desired result.

Who is scalp bleaching for?

Scalp bleaching is ideal for clients looking for an all-over blonde colour or for clients looking for a maximum impact lift ahead of other colour services.

How long does a scalp bleach take?

A scalp bleach can take between 2.5 and 4 hours, depending on your experience, your technique, preferred professional products and the toning/aftercare process.

What are the potential side effects of scalp bleaching?

If it is not carried out in a professional, controlled environment, scalp bleaching can cause various issues, ranging in severity. One of which is chemical burns. Chemical burns can occur when the potent chemicals used within the bleaching process react with the delicate scalp, which can then cause redness, pain and swelling.

Scalp bleaching can also instigate contact dermatitis due to the bleaching process irritating the skin. It is essential to always ask your client if they suffer from a sensitive scalp and carry out a hair history audit before carrying out a scalp bleach,

Another side effect to be mindful of is that scalp bleaching can also cause undesired results if it is not properly executed. If a scalp bleach has not evenly lifted, your clients may find that their blonde is patchy and no amount of toning can dial in a consistent colour.

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Things to remember when scalp bleaching by @slkbleachexpert

What is the best bleach to use for a scalp bleach service?

Here at Salons Direct, we stock a fantastic range of professional bleach for your scalp bleaching service. Discover bleach and developers from leading brands, including Schwarzkopf, L’Oreal Blonde Studio, Indola, OSMO, Pulp Riot, Wella Welloxon and many more.


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Scalp bleach tips and tricks

1. Keep your sections small.

You may be tempted to get coverage with wide sections. However, smaller sections are much easier to work with for a flawless and even application.

2. Keep your brush strokes small.

The more you paint on bleach, the more the bleach moves around, which could cause overlap leading to breakage and damage. Some colourists recommend a silicone tint brush to help with avoiding overlapping.

3. Don’t forget to recommend products for clients to maintain their platinum locks.

The work involved with maintaining a beautiful blonde colour doesn’t stop the moment your client steps out of the salon. Recommend they invest in a quality purple toning shampoo to help beat brassy tones and maintain a bright, clean blonde or silver shade. Discover the best purple shampoos for blonde clients.

4. Always finish with a deep treatment

It’s no secret that whenever hair is compromised through colour or bleach services, it will need extra TLC to help maintain its manageability, lustre and shine. With this in mind, you may want to include a deep conditioning treatment as part of the scalp bleach service or as an additional extra.

Our range of deep conditioning treatments includes bond-building treatments from OLAPLEX, Colorwow, Redken and many more leading professional brands, so you’ll be sure to find the right product for your client’s hair type and needs.

See a professional scalp bleach in action with @ladyluxhairx

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Always carry out a client consultation before performing a scalp bleach

If a client is booking in for an all-over bleach, we always recommend conducting an in-depth client consultation to ensure that you and your client’s expectations are aligned and that you both feel comfortable with the end-to-end process and the potential outcomes.

1. Hair History

Is your client’s hair previously coloured? If so, with what, who was it done by and how long ago was it?

2. Does your client have any allergies or skin conditions?

It is very important that your client is honest with you to avoid any nasty reactions or skin complaints arising following a scalp bleach.

3. What does your client use on their hair daily?

What products do they use on their hair, aka shampoo, conditioner and styling products?  This will help you to determine if there will be reactive metals on the strands.

4. What is their inspiration?

Welcome your client to share inspirational imagery and videos, but be honest about what is achievable in the time frame and budget.

What do you think about scalp bleaching?

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