While you might have refined your daily salon hygiene practices down to a fine art, sometimes it’s a good idea to give your salon a more thorough clean every now and then.

Not only does a deep clean ensure that your salon is as clean as it possibly could be – getting into those areas that you just don’t have time to address day-to-day – it also keeps up appearances. What client wouldn’t love to walk into a salon that looks and smells crisp and fresh!

Before you get reading, we’ve also got a great guide on the importance of hygiene in a salon, plus we chatted with Navy Professional to get more info on the difference between disinfection, sanitation and sterilisation – take a look at them to get some more information before you get started on your deep salon clean!

Giving Your Salon a Deep Clean…

Declutter worktops and stations

Before getting to work on the cleaning, start by giving your salon a good declutter. The more tools, products, equipment and other bits of clutter you have out on your worktops, the more places you have to harbour germs and bacteria.

If your salon isn’t efficiently organised, you also increase the chances of cross-contamination. Having to rifle through drawers, boxes and cupboards to find what you need gives plenty of opportunity for germs to spread – especially if staff from different areas of the salon have to share the same storage areas.

Go through the products at each station and get rid of any you no longer need or use. Then, organise similar tools together so they can easily be found without cross-contaminating. Clean the inside of all your drawers and storage boxes with hot, soapy water before placing items back inside them.

Label any boxes or drawers so that items can be found quickly and easily. Once you are organised, it should be easier to do quick cleans in future.

Wash all laundry and seats

Washing your towels, hairdressing gowns, salon uniform and aprons is probably part of your regular cleaning routine, but if you want to give them a deep clean, use a hotter wash and add some antibacterial laundry detergent to your machine.

Before restocking, clean out your towel and gown storage area and let it dry completely. Make sure your dirty laundry is kept separately in a basket away from clean areas.

Clean all your seating areas

You can also tackle any cushion covers and seating areas. Machine washable cushions can go in for a wash, while leather seats can be wiped down with hot water and antibacterial spray. If you have fabric seats and curtains, you can use a steam cleaner to sanitise them, then allow them to air dry. Make sure you check your furniture care instructions first to ensure you don’t damage them – remember that alcohol can cause cracking in leather and vinyl.

Manicure or pedicure areas

Once you have de-cluttered your manicure and pedicure stations, have a good sweep into all nooks and crannies to get rid of any dust and build-up, using a vacuum cleaner when needed.

Wash all the surfaces thoroughly with hot soapy water before allowing them to dry. An antibacterial spray can then be used to completely disinfect the area. Make sure every station has at least one disinfectant jar available to clean tools quickly and easily, plus a supply of disposable gloves, hand sanitiser and masks if required.

Retail area

Retail areas undergo a lot of browsing by clients, so they need regular cleaning to keep them looking neat and tidy.

Again, start by removing all your products, cleaning them as you go, before wiping down the shelves themselves.

When stocking your shelves, try not to overfill them – just have a couple of each product out and replenish them as needed. This not only helps keep them cleaner and tidier, but keeps your products looking new as they won’t go through the wear-and-tear of being picked up too much. They will also be much easier for a regular dusting!


People come and go through your reception all day, so it’s important to keep it extra clean and tidy!

Your reception desk should regularly be wiped down with a disinfectant spray, but don’t forget any other touch points. The card machine for example, or any touchscreen devices you use with clients for their appointments.

Don’t forget, computers are also the perfect places for grime to build up! Unplug your mouse and keyboard and give them a good clean with some antibacterial cleaner. Keep some wipes or spray on hand at reception for staff to clean up when needed.

Make sure your desk is decluttered, too – any paperwork or receipts should be stored away safely or put in the bin, so only the essentials are out.

Stock room

Out of sight should not mean out of mind in your salon.

As with the rest of the salon, make sure the stock room is well-organised so all members of the team can quickly and easily find what they are looking for. Again, keep like items together, so nail techs aren’t having to rifle through boxes of shampoo to find what they need. Keep shelves well dusted and try not to over-order – that way, it’s not only easier to keep tabs on your supplies, but you won’t be struggling to find space for them, either.

If you need salon hygiene supplies or salon PPE, we are doing our best to get them in stock for you here at Salons Direct.

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