In a highly competitive marketplace such as the salon industry, it is important that you do everything you can to ensure your beauty salon stays relevant and competitive against similar salons in your area.

It’s a universal truth that clients are not always loyal, particularly if the price of treatments is what’s leading them away. Staying competitive is a tough business so we have enlisted the help of Bridget O’Keefe, founder of Blush and Blow, to discover her best tips for staying competitive and how she implements these tactics into her own salon business.

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In your opinion Bridget, what USPs make a beauty salon stand out in a saturated market?

“The first thing is that there needs to be a wow factor for the client the minute they approach the salon or walk through the door. It could be simple things like a really lovely friendly smile to greet them or a prominent and vast selection of nail colours sprawled out in front of them.”

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“Secondly, technically speaking your treatments have to be superb. Thirdly, your customer service needs to be out of this world. And finally, which should go without saying, the salon should be clean, exceptionally neat and tidy as well atmospheric!”

How have you personally managed to make your salon stand out from your competitors?

“I think the fact that we are the only salon in London to offer blow dries, beauty, skincare and aesthetics expertly under one roof has meant that people don’t have to go anywhere else for their beauty needs. We also do this all in a fun and friendly atmosphere with Insta worthy interiors to set the tone from the get go!”

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How has social media helped make the beauty salon business more competitive?

“As a result of the power of advertising by using social media (which is free and therefore accessible to everyone) businesses are under pressure to make sure that what they are delivering on their accounts is eye catching and different because there are so many salons with Insta accounts out there.”

“Real clients are also able to give feedback, both good and bad, and make it visible to anyone and everyone which means that businesses are held accountable.

And Bridget’s parting words? “Never get complacent, lazy or bored otherwise you deserve to fail!”

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