You’ve just put the final finishing touches to your client’s new hairstyle, but one question remains – how happy are they with your work? The success of your salon depends on always meeting your clients wishes. By exceeding their expectations, you can rely on them to come back, time after time, building up a loyal base of bookers who may even spread the word to potential newcomers.

Getting honest feedback from whoever is sitting in your salon chairs can seem awkward and sometimes even daunting. However, it is important to find out where you can make improvements to ensure you are always ahead of the hair and beauty game.

We caught up with Tom O’Brien, Co-Director of Baroque Hair, to get his expert insights on how to get more meaningful feedback from your clients.

How do you get client feedback?

At Baroque Hair, creating lasting and trusting relationships with our clients is crucial to us, and gaining feedback is invaluable for improving client retention.

We always ask our clients to review their hair service – as well as their overall client experience – via email and through social media. The client gives us a mark out of 5 and we reward the staff monthly, focusing on who has received the most five-star reviews. This is a great way to incentivise our staff to deliver exemplary customer service.

Using social media as a review tool forces you to keep your standards high, as the review and rating can be seen by the public. We also encourage our clients to post a selfie, to show how happy they are with their hair. This exposure is also a great tool for encouraging staff to constantly deliver.

We also ask our clients if there is anything that we can do to make their experience more enjoyable and then make a note of the request on our computer system. That way we can make sure that we have their favourite refreshment or magazine available when they next visit the salon.

Why is client feedback so important?
There is an abundance of hairdressing salons in Harrogate and the surrounding areas, so it is vital that we keep our clients happy – otherwise, they will go elsewhere!

We take notice of any feedback that we receive as it gives us an opportunity to move from being good at what we do to being the very best at what we do. Listening to our clients’ needs is top of our agenda and we always strive to deliver a five-star service at all times. We aim to action all feedback that we receive as this makes our customers feel welcome and appreciated.

What kind of feedback is the most meaningful for a salon owner?

Competition can be fierce when it comes to getting new customers through our doors, and our success depends not only on our team’s technical skills and creativity but also on our ability to reach and retain customers.

The most meaningful feedback that we receive comes straight from our clients as soon as their appointment is over. We ask them what they liked about the appointment, and what we could do to make it better. All of this is done in a very natural way to ensure that the client doesn’t feel uncomfortable or awkward. If there are any problems we will put plans in place straight away to make sure the client is happy before they leave the salon.

What do you do with feedback once you have received it?
We share all feedback with every member of the Baroque Hair team, as everyone can learn and improve on the service that they deliver. The whole team is involved with the feedback, and time is dedicated to listening to our clients’ wants, needs, and suggestions.

New services are introduced regularly to meet our customers’ needs, and most importantly, keep them happy. It’s vital to respond to any customer complaints as quickly and thoughtfully as possible to minimise any potential damage and show customers that we care and take their loyalty seriously.

We hope this article has inspired you to get more meaningful feedback from your clients – make sure you are equipped to face any client request with our range of hair, beauty, nails and barbering products!

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