Not every salon business is located in a busy and bustling city centre. There are many salons located up and down the UK which are open for business in smaller towns both rural and coastal, as well as in remote villages. And what these salons all have in common is that they are catering to a smaller number of people who live in these places. Naturally, when there are fewer people to service, the competition for new business is tough.

Here at Salons Direct, we understand that ultimately, it’s your clients that keep your doors open and the lights on. So if you own a salon in a location with less footfall, or you’re thinking of opening a salon in a small town, today’s article is for you!

How To Run A Successful Salon Business In A Small Town…

Who are your ideal clients? 

We have previously discussed choosing the perfect location for your salon business and the main principles we touched upon, such as knowing the local clientele via their age and demographics, researching competitors and correctly marketing your salon are all hugely beneficial when it comes to running a successful salon in a small town. You have to know who you’ll be most likely working with and target them appropriately.

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Ask yourself, what is your USP? Why should clients come to your salon?

Competition is rife in the salon industry and it can be difficult to stand out in a small town – especially if you are establishing yourself as a top tier salon business. As we mentioned previously, it’s very important to understand your target customer however, it is equally important to recognise why your competitors are doing well. When conducting your competitor research, look at ways that you can go the extra mile to be the better salon!

Whether that’s offering more competitive pricing, putting together package deals, expanding your service offering, or running in-salon events – by serving more reasons for clients to come to your salon, you’re more likely to attract and retain new clients! And don’t forget, most new clients come through word of mouth recommendations, therefore, a ‘refer a friend or family member’ scheme might be the way forward!

How are you marketing yourself?

Marketing in both it’s online and traditional sense is going to be one of the main ways to get your salon name out there in the community. Advertise what you do in local newspapers and magazines, perhaps even giving clients a % off their first treatment when they book in because of the advert. It also goes without saying to utilise social media to show off your work and communicate with your audience. It is really beneficial that your salon uses social media to shout about what’s going on in your salon. Another great tip is to run competitions to encourage people to engage with your business and gain feedback!

Immerse yourself and your salon business within the local community

When your business is at the heart of your community, that’s where you need to be too. Build strong relationships with other businesses, take every opportunity to network and partner with other people who can help push your salon to the forefront of peoples minds. You can also get involved with sponsoring charity events and taking part in charity events. Not only will this align your salon by doing good things for the community, but it will also be a great exercise for publicity. Want to know more about this? Discover this article on how your salon business can give back to the community.

Just because your salon caters towards a small geographical area, it doesn’t mean that your business won’t thrive and innovate. As long as you know who you’re targetting, the services you are offering are exquisite and you are competitive on price – you won’t go far wrong!

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