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With time comes innovation and growth within the salon industry. Whether it be revolutionary product offerings, new techniques and methodologies, or movements challenging the status quo – Our industry is constantly progressing. 

Taking a look at our Salons Direct blog, we’ve previously written about what it means to be a fully inclusive salon in 2022. Here, we’re looking at another client-inclusive approach offered by Not Another Salon, owned by Sophia Hilton. Not Another Salon was the first salon to provide a silent haircut for clients, and now the London-based salon is also offering mirrorless haircuts as part of its inclusive appointment offering. 

Should you be offering a mirrorless service in your salon?

mirrorless service for your salon

What is a mirrorless haircut?

A mirrorless haircut involves a client not sitting in front of a mirror during their salon appointment. The service provided is exactly the same; however, your client will not be looking back at themselves in the mirror for the duration of their appointment. In an industry built upon image, this is a bold new approach that puts inclusivity are the forefront. 

Why should I offer mirrorless haircuts?

Are you curious about the possibility of offering a mirrorless haircut in your salon? Here are just a few reasons why it’s a great idea!

1. Mirrorless haircuts help to create a safe space for your clients.

Looking in the mirror for any length of time can cause clients to look more deeply at particular areas of their face and body, which may be uncomfortable or unnecessary for some people. Some clients may really benefit from a mirrorless service offering, especially those who don’t wish to converse during their appointment or find it challenging to process highly sensory situations.

2. Mirrorless haircuts help to make your salon a more inclusive place.

Whatsmore, a mirrorless haircut is an excellent way for clients with self-confidence issues or low self-esteem to relax and enjoy their salon appointment without having to avoid the experience altogether. 

Sophia Hilton told Glamour Magazine:


“From a scientific point of view, we are six times more likely to remember the negative than the positive, so no matter how fabulous that final ‘reveal’ moment is at the end of the service, it is never going to replace the painful hours our client experienced before as they had the time to sit, stare and pick apart their perceived imperfections”. 

Is there anything I need to know before giving a mirrorless haircut?

If you want to start advertising and carrying out mirrorless haircuts, you must ensure that your salon is geared up to do so. Preparing to offer mirrorless appointments will involve creating a hairdressing station that is not positioned in front of a mirror. You will then need to ensure that you advertise this service offering on your treatment menu and market it well on your social media. 

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We understand that being able to check the symmetry of a haircut involves using a mirror, and a mirrorless appointment need not eradicate a mirror altogether. Depending on the type of haircut or hair colour service your client has booked in for, you may wish to use a handheld mirror at intermittent points during the mirrorless appointment to ensure that your client is happy with the progress. 

What do you think about mirrorless haircuts?

Would you want to try this service offering out in your salon?

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