Congratulations! You’ve found the salon of your dreams and are ready to now shift your focus away from finding the right location and onto the in-store happenings. One of the next steps is to decide what hair, beauty or nail equipment and furniture you’ll need to purchase. And as there’s so much, this process can be quite overwhelming.

Even though you will be opening a brand new shop, you’ll still be expected to run a fully professional working service for your customers – after all, they will be paying good money for your treatments! Therefore, it’s important to have an extensive selection of equipment to suit all their hair and beauty requirements.

To help you during this process, we’ve put together a handy guide of products you’ll need to start your own salon.

Hair and Beauty Salon Furniture

Within both hair and beauty salons, there are a number of different pieces of salon furniture needed for clients maximum comfort and, of course, their treatment!

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  • Salon chairs or barbershop chairs – If you’re opening a barber shop or a hairdressers, one of the most important things you will buy is the chair in which your customers will have their hair styled. Make sure it’s comfortable and able to move up and down smoothly, allowing you to reach their hair at different angles
  • Backwash units – The backwash unit in which you’ll be washing your clients’ hair is a must have in any hairdressing salon. They’re available in a range of colours and styles at a price to suit everyone
  • Styling units – Whether a wall unit or island unit, these are essential to any salon to allow the clients to see the final results of their treatments. They also have a useful shelf for storage
  • Beauty couches – If you carry out treatments that require clients to lay down, such as waxing, then a beauty couch is an important purchase
  • Beauty trolleys – To save lugging equipment from one end of the salon to the other, purchase a trolley. You can fill these up with all accessories (such as hair rollers and clips) you’ll need to treat clients
  • Reception chairs – If you’re tied up with a client, and your next one arrives, you’ll need to have somewhere for them to sit and wait. Also, get a chair for behind the reception desk if staff need to man the desk or check the books
  • Magazine racks – Allow your clients the luxury of selecting a magazine or newspaper to read over before or during treatment. It will also keep your salon tidy and presentable
  • Footrests – An essential for hairdressers and barbers to make sure your clients have maximum comfort and also to keep them balanced while you are cutting and styling their hair
  • Stools No matter what services you offer within your salon, you will require stools for you to carry out treatments
  • Washing machine and dryer – These are an essential for any salon. Think about how many clients will come through your door and require towels for their treatments. Make sure you wash and clean after every client to ensure your salon is hygienic and clean.

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Professional Hairdressing Supplies

For those of you setting up a hairdressers or a barber shop, it can be a long process that your customers go through. From washing, cutting, drying and styling, you will use a lot of equipment, including:

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Salon Beauty Supplies

Within a beauty salon, there’s an extensive range of treatments available. It’s important to think about the services you will be offering and what your staff will be trained to do.

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Salon Admin Equipment:

Every business needs its own admin department – and salons are no different. It’s required to monitor daily activities within the salon including customer bookings, staff details, managing money, and other day-to-day tasks. Make sure you stay organised and run smoothly with the following items…

  • A laptop or computer – This is where you can run the behind-the-scenes of your business and promote yourself on social media. To ensure staff and client details are safe, make sure everything is password protected. We’d advise you set up an email address so that customers can drop you a line for information or booking.

  • A phone – Whether it’s a mobile or a landline, make sure your salon has a contact number so clients can give you a call to book an appointment

  • Stationery and appointment book – A basic, but we all need it. Make sure you’ve got a supply of pens and pencils (perfect for changing cancelled slots in the appointment book). Have a calculator on hand if clients are having a few treatments and you need to quickly work out costs!

  • Contactless card reader – Make it as easy as possible for your clients to pay however they want to, whether with their card or phone

  • Somewhere to collect tips – If your salon accepts them! This is best located on the reception desk

  • Salon Management Software – Our collaboration with industry experts ensures that you have access to cutting-edge tools for appointment scheduling, client management, and much more. Embrace the future of salon management with us and watch your business run smoother than ever!

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Other essentials that your salon needs…

Alongside these essentials, you might also need to budget for:

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