Here at Salons Direct, we like to bring you everything you need to offer your clients the most in-demand treatments. So, this week we are taking a deeper look into one of the most popular lash trends – lash lifts.

Lash lifts have rocketed in demand over the last couple of years. A report in 2018 predicted a slow in growth for mascara products, coinciding with a growth in lash treatments and services – such as lash tints and extensions, along with lash lifts.

Why could this be?

The general trend surrounding the beauty world is a lean towards quicker, semi-permanent treatments – think millennial lifestyles. Instead of a lengthy beauty routine every morning, these clients prefer to sit down for one quick appointment that gives them a ‘woke up like this’ look that will last for weeks.

Lash lifts, like other popular treatments such as brow lamination and dermaplaning, enhance the natural features in a non-invasive and affordable way. Lash lifts don’t require the same level of maintenance as lash extensions, yet can give instantly noticeable results. Helped by the popularity of Instagram hashtags such as #lashlift, clients are more aware than ever before of the latest beauty trends and which ones they want for themselves.

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So, what is a lash lift?

A lash lift is a very gentle perm for the eyelashes. Perming solution is brushed onto the lashes, which are then curled upwards against a lash shield to mould them into their new shape. Lashes are then carefully separated before the neutraliser sets them. The result is a wide awake look, as if lashes have just been combed and curled. Many clients like to follow their lash lift with a lash tint to enhance the illusion of length and volume.

Lash Lift vs Lash Extensions vs Lash Perm – Is There a Difference?

There are a lot of lash treatments around at the moment. Knowing the difference between them and being able to offer clients which one is best for them is essential.

The term ‘lash perm’ does cause some confusion. Lash lifts are very similar to lash perms, as they both use perming solution to curl the lashes into a new shape.

Lash perms have been around for some time and tend to use a circular rod to set lashes around to create a curl. Lash lifts however, use a new process that ‘lifts’ the lashes up from the base, for a more open-eyed look. Think of lash lifts as the new and improved take on lash perms.

So, what about lash extensions? Lash extensions, or semi permanent lashes, involve securing individual false lashes into place along the lash line with adhesive. The natural lashes are left in place for this treatment.

Is a lash lift or lash extension best for my client?

It is always vital that you listen to your client when they are deciding on their treatment – what are their expectations? How much maintenance are they prepared for? What are they comfortable with spending?

Lash lifts are best for…

  • Achieving an enhanced natural look
  • Low maintenance clients – they can last up to 8 weeks and don’t require any removal
  • Shorter appointment times – they can be completed in less than an hour, even on clients’ lunch breaks

Eyelash extensions, on the other hand…

  • Give a fuller, more voluminous effect
  • Are higher maintenance – they need more aftercare and regular refills, plus will need removing properly at the end of their life
  • Take longer in the salon – a set can take up to 2 hours to map and place

Managing your client’s expectations is very important when it comes to lash lifts. If they are expecting dramatically full lashes, or want to fill in lash gaps, make sure they know this treatment might not be what they are looking for.

Also be aware that some clients with particularly short lashes might not see as obvious results as those with naturally longer lashes. So long as you have a proper client consultation, you should be able to give your client what they want.

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Do You Need Lash Lift Training or a Lash Lift License?

Like with any new beauty treatment you would offer in your salon, or as part of your mobile beauty business, you need to get training for lash lifts.

In the UK, there is no license you need to obtain to be able to offer lash lifts either in your salon or as part of a mobile or home-based beauty business. However, with eyelash treatments gone wrong becoming a huge cause for personal injury claims, ensuring you have proper insurance cover is vital.

Many insurance companies will consider it negligent if you carry out any treatment without being properly trained and cause harm to a client. For this reason, it is important that you always complete training from an accredited course before carrying out lash lifts on clients.

Are Lash Lifts Safe For Your Salon?

Ensuring your treatments are safe for your salon is a big concern when you are a lash technician.

If you receive the right training and stick to all the health and safety guidelines, lash lifts should be perfectly safe to offer in your salon. Leaving the product on for too long is a common reason for lash lifts gone wrong, so be sure to fully consult with your client to ensure you get all the information you need on their skin and lash type.

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You also need to ensure you maintain your salon hygiene practices to keep your lash lifts safe from cross contamination and infections in your salon.

While it’s usually perfectly safe to give clients a lash lift every 6 weeks, damage can occur to the lashes if they become over processed. Again, make sure you always discuss with the client to find out if they have had any signs of irritation – and ALWAYS carry out a patch test.

How Much Should You Charge for a Lash Lift in Your Salon?

Knowing how much to charge for your lash lifts is vital for beauty businesses. You’ve worked hard to train and invested a lot into this treatment, so you want to make sure you reap the benefits.

So, how do you work out how much you should charge for lash lifts in your salon?

There is no one-size-fits-all figure for pricing your lash lift treatment. Generally, a basic lash lift would cost from £25 upwards, though this depends on the location of your salon and the brand of the products you use – brands with a stronger reputation often justify a higher treatment cost.

Most salons choose to package lash lifts up with a lash tint or brow service, too, which will also increase the amount you can charge. A lash lift and tint can cost anywhere between £30 and £60. Along with the location of your salon and the products you use, the level of experience you have will also factor into this cost. If you are new to the treatment, it’s best to keep prices low until you are ready to compete with more experienced beauticians.

When deciding how much to charge for your lash lifts, take all of these factors into consideration. Start by researching how much other salons charge for their lash lifts in your area. Then, price up how much all of your lash lift products cost per treatment. Add on a percentage according to your training, salon rent and time spent on the treatment before adding on a profit margin.

As you get more experience and build up a bigger reputation for your lash lifts, you can begin to charge more.

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