At Salons Direct, we pride ourselves on introducing our customers to the salon industry’s latest game-changing product innovations. Here we’ll be looking at Hema-Free Gel polish from Glitterbels. If you’re curious to learn more about Hema-Free gel polish and how it can offer your clients something different and add a new USP to your nail business, then keep on reading…

Introducing Glitterbels Hema Free Gel Polish



What does Hema-Free mean? 

Hema, also known as hydroxyethyl methacrylate, is considered the number one allergen in nail and cosmetic products. More specifically, when Hema is included in gel polish, the hydroxyethyl methacrylate monomers polymerise the polish, giving it a hardened, shiny finish. 

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Why has Hema been removed from Glitterbels gel polish?

By extending its product line to include Hema-Free gel polish, Glitterbels have enabled nail technicians to perform nail services on clients that may have previously shown signs of an allergy.

Why have Glitterbels changed the formula of their gel polish?

The Glitterbels original gel polish formula hasn’t changed. The Hema-Free gel polish range is a complementary extension of their existing line. This innovative addition will help improve the nail industry’s choice and quality of products.

Everything you need to know about Glitterbels Hema-Free gel polish

Are you a nail technician or salon owner who is curious to learn more about Glitterbels Hema-Free gel polish? Keep on reading for our handy FAQ on everything you need to know.

Will the new formula affect the quality of the Glitterbels gel?

Glitterbels say not! The inclusion of the Hema-Free gel polish collection will allow nail technicians to create a long-lasting gel polish without the inclusion of Hema and without compromising on colour and longevity of wear.

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How many coats does the new formula need?

The Glitterbels Hema-Free range offers excellent coverage in just two coats!

Image showing tops of Glitterbels polishes

Will this affect the curing process?

All Glitterbels gel polishes are manufactured and tested to cure perfectly with the Glitterbels lamp, so there will be no issues with curing.

How many shades are there in the Glitterbels Hema-Free range?

The Glitterbels Hema-Free gel polish range includes over 150 colour options, so you do not have to compromise on colour if you choose to move across to this gel polish range. There will be exact colour matches and other new shades being made available.

Do I need to do anything differently when working with Hema Free?

No, removing the Hema will not affect the quality or application process at all. So our existing customers can rest assured that they can purchase the range and start making gorgeous nails as soon as it arrives.Glitterbels hema free gel polish product shot

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NEW Glitterbels Hema Free Colours have launched!

Image showing tops of Glitterbels polishes

You can now buy Glitterbels Hema Free gel polish in more colours.  The shade range includes 12 fabulous new colours to add to your collection, including Chocolate Brownies, Bubblegum Jelly, Candyfloss Jelly, Purple Planet, Make your Mauve, Peel Here, Send Nudes and Coffee Beans.

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NEW Glitterbels XOXO collection

We know you’ll fall in love with the latest seasonal lanch from Glitterbels. The XOXO collection includes 6 stunning shades: Strawberry Tint, Rasbeauty, Pink Obsessed, Purple Velvet, Liquid Pink and Pastel Peach. Your clients will be heart-eye emojis over these beautiful new colours for Valentine’s Day.


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