Has there ever been a time to look forward to the following year more than for 2021?

After a year of stay-at-home self-facials and DIY beauty treatments, you are sure to have a number of clients who can’t wait to get back into the safety of your salon for good!

But, while the past 12 months may have been less predictable than ever, we still think we’ve found some beauty treatments that are sure to be trending for 2021.

Our top 6 skincare & beauty treatments trending for 2021…

For 2021, the beauty world is trending towards enhancing our own natural features. Maybe a year of sitting bare-faced at home has helped, but treatments that can streamline our makeup routines and give us that ‘lit from within’ look, without the need for invasive techniques, are now a top priority.

Take a look at these beauty treatments we think fit the bill perfectly for 2021 and find out how to offer them in your salon…

1. Dermaplaning

The popularity of dermaplaning has been on the rise for a few years now and we don’t see this trend slowing down for 2021.

With the potential to take your clients skin to the next level of glowiness, dermaplaning removes the top layer of peach fuzz and dead skin to reveal a bright complexion.

This treatment is perfect for beauty salons because it is pain-free and offers immediate results. It’s suitable for almost any client or skin type and can be offered alone or as part of a facial. As the hair and dead skin is removed, nourishing face masks are also better primed for sinking straight into the skin.

We have a full blog post on how to offer dermaplaning in your salon with everything else you need to know!

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Microneedling is another beauty treatment that we predict to continue trending for 2021.

Why? It’s non-invasive and can help address some of the most common skin concerns. Many clients love it for reducing acne scarring and hyperpigmentation, boosting collagen production and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

If you aren’t sure, microneedling works by puncturing the skin with a tiny needle. This procedure stimulates the skin to produce new, collagen rich tissue to repair itself, creating a more even texture and rejuvenated appearance.

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As at-home skincare treatments are becoming more popular, dermarolling is set to take its place as one of 2021’s biggest beauty trends.

It works in a similar way to microneedling, using tiny pinpricks to stimulate new tissue growth. But, rather than the ‘stamping’ motion of a microneedling pen, a dermaroller glides over the skin in a sweeping motion.

So, how do these two types of treatment differ? A microneedling pen is good for reaching target areas with precision – such as around the eyes, nose and chin. They are also more effective than rollers and should only be used by trained estheticians.

Lately, at-home dermarollers have soared in popularity as clients look to reproduce salon results themselves. While not as effective as a microneedle, they are still a great addition to a facial. When performed before a facial, skin products can more easily penetrate the skin, too.

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Retinol skincare

Retinol is the skincare ingredient that has taken the beauty world by storm. Supercharged with benefits that boost collagen, cell turnover rate and elastin production, regular use of retinol can plump the skin, reduce fine lines, improve skin texture and even help with acne.

Retinol is ideal for introducing into your salon facials. Not only can you incorporate it into your treatments, but you can add it to your retail range so clients can continue to get results at home.

One thing to be aware of though is that retinol is one of the stronger skincare ingredients. So, it’s often not recommended for use after abrasive treatments such as microneedling or dermaplaning.

Read more about using Retinol in your salon on our blog!

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LED light masks

Continuing the trend for non-invasive skin enhancements, LED light masks are the perfect beauty treatment to take into 2021.

Having been used for years by dermatologists in the treatment of acne, this is another treatment that has found itself into the beauty mainstream. After just 20 minutes, blue and red light waves penetrate the skin to fight acne, encourage wound healing and reduce scarring.

One of the key benefits of LED light therapy is how gentle it is. As it doesn’t touch the skin, it can be used before or after treatments such as dermaplaning and microdermabrasion without irritation. However, as retinol increases the skin’s sensitivity to light, the two may not be compatible.

With regular LED light treatments, clients can expect clearer and smoother skin.

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Skinmate LED Light Mask

Ice globes

In 2021, clients are sure to be looking for the best possible results from their beauty treatments. So, if you can add value and upsells to your services, then take the chance to do so!

If you don’t already, consider introducing ice globes to your facials – once clients see the results, they are sure to come back to your salon again!

Already spotted on celebrity Instagrams, ice globes can be used to soothe inflammation, puffiness and redness after a facial. They can also be used to massage away lymphatic drainage, boost circulation and tighten pores, so clients can leave the salon with a radiant complexion – perfect for use after peels, extractions, microdermabrasion and dermaplaning.

Along with the gorgeous results clients can expect, the cooling effect offers a refreshing and luxurious feel. If clients are suffering with headaches, puffy eyes or sinus problems, the globes can even offer some relief.

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