When it comes to retaining your clients, it isn’t just about the exceptional services that you offer, it’s about the whole package which includes a varied service menu, your amazing staff and your salon interior.  

Here, we talk to Not Another Salon’s eccentric and super stylish front of house leader, Joel to discover what he believes makes the ultimate client experience.

Joel Front of house at NAS

Making sure clients feel comfortable…

As soon as your client steps foot in your salon, it is important that they feel welcomed and are encouraged to relax. This way, you are likely to retain this client and be recommended to their friends and family.

Joel says…

“It’s crucial that the front desk team must be characters that a client can talk to like a best friend on each visit!”

“Simple but effective ways of doing this include recording past  conversations you have had with the client.”

“Little jokes that you have had on the phone before you’ve even met can go along way. Bring them into the conversation as you greet clients to give a more personalised “anti-factory” feeling to their entire experience and ultimately open them up to the salon environment.”

Joel NAS Front of House

How the appearance of your staff makes all the difference…

As part of the service industry, your salon team are selling your salon, your brand and your reputation. Joel shares his tips on how front of house staff can help to make a memorable impression on clients.

“It is important to wear a statement piece whether that be a pair of 8-inch heels, a beautiful set of acrylics or a stunning makeup look. You want to wow the client and it makes a great conversation starter when they compliment your attire! First impressions are everything – so dress to impress, you are representing an industry that provides glamour to people, so be at the forefront.”

Client experience and customer service…

It all starts with your receptionist who will be the first person your clients meet. From here onwards, ensure that your clients feel welcomed by everyone they meet in your salon.

Joel says:

“Small detailed brush strokes amount to a big beautiful picture! Little details like taking the client’s coat, offering them a drinks menu, and to really “wow” the client remembering what they like to drink really helps to make them feel like part of the family every time they come. ”

“When it comes to client care, prior and after an appointment at the salon make sure the emails are personalised, have fun with it! Have a catchy slogan to sign your emails with, one that represents the brand and you to make them smile even when they’re not in your environment.”

Joel NAS Front of House

The little details counts…

Joel suggests really thinking about your client and how you can tailor their experience based on their reasons for booking an appointment.

“If you had a client that has come in and wanted a transformation due to a life change e.g. a breakup, suffers from alopecia etc, be sure to email them after and see how their hair’s doing – by paying interest in their life they will be a client for life in the salon.”

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Joel NAS front of house

There really is an art to running a successful front of house reception. And Joel’s parting words?

“Ultimately run reception like it’s your show home and everyone’s dying to come have a look! From the moment they’re through the door, you are the glamorous host and it’s important for you to make them feel welcomed and aware of all the wonderful things your salon has to provide and don’t forget to compliment them on the way out!”

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