There’s no question about it and no getting away from it; furniture is one of the most expensive investments a salon owner has to make. That’s why taking the decision to replace it can be a difficult one. However, there are a number of reasons why the costs are justified, and why an investment in new furniture might just help your salon become more profitable.

Why Replace Salon Furniture?

As we’ve said before here on the Salons Direct blog, first impressions are key if you want to entice new clients and keep them loyal. One of the most visible things in your salon is the furniture – it should be clean, well kept and be a good match for the look and feel you are trying to cultivate for your business.

If you don’t do this, there’s a good chance clients won’t come back and you might miss valuable referrals from happy customers leaving and telling their friends about what a good experience they’ve had.

Having well maintained furniture in your hair salon is also important from a staff retention perspective. If your salon isn’t an inviting or comfortable place to work, it’s more likely that your valued staff will leave to seek pastures new.

When should I replace my salon furniture?

Like furniture in our homes, salon furniture is susceptible to wear and tear. Hairdressing or barber chairs are moved in and out all day, putting the hydraulics and the material through great stress. Sinks get chipped, drawers stop opening smoothly and stools start squeaking.

When this wear and tear gets too much, it begins to reflect negatively on your salon, no matter how good the service is. It’s important you keep an eye on things like whether the material on your barber chairs starts to pull or the hydraulics start jumping rather than running smoothly. As the chair is where customers spend the majority of their time, it’s important that these remain in good condition.

It’s also good to ask your clients for feedback on their experience. Did they enjoy the service? Were they satisfied with the results? Did they feel comfortable in the salon? Did they notice anything in the salon they didn’t like?

This kind of direct feedback is very valuable and can really help you identify any potential issues before they develop into real problems for your salon or your business.

What should I get to refresh my salon furniture?

Lotus Chicago Black Styling Chair

One of our most popular hairdressing chairs, this product features a sleek design that is perfect for modern salon designs. It’s comfortable, the material is durable and it comes with a hydraulic pump as standard.

Lotus Phoenix Black Backwash Unit

With a white ceramic basin, this incredibly comfortable backwash unit is a firm favourite with customers at Salons Direct. It’s perfect for high street salons with a more contemporary look that want to give their customers a great service.

Lotus Deep White Porcelain Basin

This white porcelain basin from our Lotus brand is simple, beautifully designed and will fit comfortably within most salon settings. This is a great investment if you notice that any of your existing basins are looking a bit worn and could do with being replaced.

If none of those products take your fancy, there’s a great range available on the hair salon furniture section of our site. Whatever you do, make sure that you keep your salon profitable and your clients coming back by making sure that your furniture is as high quality as the service you offer.

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