Making sure you get the right furniture in your salon is important. Your furniture and decor not only set your salon’s identity, atmosphere and ambience; it can also impact on revenue generation too. Salon Furniture can do wonders in attracting new customers and making existing ones feel at ease and relaxed. Equally, if the wrong choices are made, your interior can repel clients and even affect staff performance, as this blog post will explain.

When Furniture Becomes a Salon sore point

As we say, poorly selected salon furniture will annoy customers and could potentially harm your business.

Investing in quality furniture can be profitable in many ways. As one of the most visible elements of your boutique, salon chairs play a significant role in making a good visual impression on both new and existing customers. A truly lasting good impression needs to be enforced with the little details that make up the whole experience.

Having high-quality salon furniture in your boutique can also help with staff retention and boost the morale of your employees. You want your workers to feel great about working in an inviting workplace that not only looks good but also feels comfortable.

How to Avoid Making a Furniture Faux Pas

Don’t try and take a short cut with your furniture. Although it may seem like getting salon furniture on the cheap is a good way of cutting costs, it will cost you more in the long run. To avoid leaky backwashes, ripped salon chairs and faulty hydraulics, invest in quality furniture from a brand you can trust.

To avoid the issue of furniture not fitting your salon, the best advice is to find out the items dimensions, recreate it with a cardboard box and try and navigate around it on a busy day to ensure it won’t be a problem when you get the real thing.

Investing in Your Retail Area

We talked about the business benefits of having a vibrant salon retail area in a previous article. A great retail area is a fantastic way of putting more money through the till. If you get the look right look with some quality retail furniture, you can expect to see an instant return on your investment.

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