Typically, the months of January and February hit hair and beauty salons hard as clients begin to tighten their belts after the frantic festive period and the winter party season.

With this in mind, it is important to nail down your business strategy over this crucial two-month period to avoid unnecessary salon downtime and loss of profit that makes meeting your overheads more difficult.

Here, we will share the best approaches to maintaining regular clientele as well as attracting new business throughout this widely recognised dry patch within the hair, beauty, and barbering industry.

Start your New Year marketing ahead of time

We recommend starting to advertise your New Year promotions as soon as possible to beat the local competition on desirable deals. You can also use the opportunity to attract the interest of the clientele that are passing through your salon during the Christmas period.

By getting in early, you are showing that your salon is thinking ahead and demonstrating to your clients that they don’t want to miss out on such good New Year deals.


Take advantage of the ‘New Year, New You’ mindset

Many people use the beginning of the new year to give their minds and bodies a bit of a makeover, whether that is joining a gym for fitness and physical health or perhaps they might want to try out a new haircut or colour to give themselves a brand new look.

Market your hair or beauty salon as a place for clients to rejuvenate their image and boost their confidence during the new year. Your fantastic salon staff are able to satisfy any image-based New Year’s resolutions of their clientele in the space of an appointment slot – so capitalise on it.

When planning and preparing your marketing strategy for January and February, take the angle of ‘new year, new you’ makeovers and fresh starts. Extend your campaigns to your salon window as well as your email and contact database and social media pages. Wherever your audience is, tap into it and make sure you are communicating your New Year deals and offers clearly.


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Examples of promotions that you can use could include hair packages such as a free cut and blow with any colour restyle or a free manicure with every pedi.

You could also put together packages using leftover retail stock from your Christmas gifting promotions. The possibilities are endless, and you, as a salon owner, are able to make an informed decision on the kinds of ‘new year, new you’ promotional packages you’d like to promote.


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January Promotions

Whilst running any new promotions on treatments, be mindful that you can also boost profits through your retail stock. We have previously created a guide on how to run your salon retail area effectively. It is, however, very important to make sure that you can accommodate any reductions and are not just making discounts and running promotions for the sake of it.

To avoid overkill and potentially putting your profits in jeopardy due to facilitating new year promotions, we recommend offering deals on typically quieter days, perhaps midweek, such as Tuesdays and Wednesdays when salons tend to be a little quieter than days with more footfall, such as Saturday and in the evenings when clients have finished work.

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Introduce Mini Services

Implementing mini-services in your salon can also be a savvy strategy to enhance profitability during the quieter period.

Mini services offer a quick and cost-effective way for clients to indulge in a brief pampering session, making them more likely to opt for these services even when they may be tightening their budgets post-Christmas.

These bite-sized treatments, ranging from express facials to nail art, not only cater to time-pressed clients but also present an opportunity for salons to showcase their expertise and encourage clients to explore additional offerings.

By promoting these condensed services during January, you can attract a broader clientele and increase overall foot traffic. The appeal of quick, affordable services serves as a win-win for both salon owners seeking to boost profits and customers looking for a convenient and pampering experience.

Focus on your Social Media

Devoting attention to social media during the downtime of January is a strategic move for salon owners seeking to maintain engagement with their brand. There may be a lull in footfall; however, many clients are still around online.

Social media acts as a powerful tool to nurture a sense of community and keep clients connected, fostering loyalty and anticipation for future visits.

Utilising platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook allows you to showcase your creativity, share client transformations, and highlight special promotions or discounted services.

It also enables you to communicate directly with your audience. You may find a recent guide on how to use TikTok and Instagram Reels as part of your salon marketing strategy, a helpful resource on nailing your social media content.


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Email Marketing Campaigns

Email campaigns are always a good idea, and even more so in January when you’re trying to attract clients through the door.

Why not create email newsletters to share exclusive promotions, discounts, or limited-time offers, encouraging clients to beat the winter blues with rejuvenating beauty treatments?

Additionally, newsletters can highlight any new services, seasonal trends, or new starters joining your salon. By leveraging the power of email campaigns, you can stay top-of-mind with your clients, fostering a sense of loyalty and enticing them to book appointments or take advantage of special deals.

Why not start a new client loyalty scheme?

Introducing a client loyalty scheme in the new year, especially during the slower month of January, can be a brilliant initiative for salon owners to boost customer retention and attract repeat business.

Consider launching a points-based system where clients earn rewards for each visit, encouraging them to accumulate points that can be redeemed for discounted or complimentary services.

Another idea is to create a tiered loyalty program, offering escalating benefits to clients based on their frequency of visits or total spending. In January, exclusive promotions for loyalty scheme members, such as the “New Year, New You” packages we mentioned earlier or early access to special services, can be particularly enticing.

Additionally, incorporating personalised offers, like birthday discounts or anniversary perks, can strengthen the emotional connection with your clients. The start of the year is an ideal time to roll out these programs, instilling a sense of appreciation in clients and setting the stage for a year of continued loyalty and collaboration.

In summary…

There are a number of ways to attract clientele in January, and if executed well, it can result in new clients on your books, upselling to existing clients and attracting positive attention to your salon business.

We also recommend hosting promotional events with mini-treatments, maybe hand massages or nail art. Offer demonstrations and goodie bags, sampling miniatures of the products you stock.

However you choose to market your salon post-Christmas, ensure that it gives clients a reason to come in and see you. By doing the above as early as possible, you are taking the right steps towards a profitable start to the year!

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