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Rhian Thomas of Lash Glo

Ask the Expert: Rhian Thomas of Lash Glo

There are many lash and brow products on the market, but there’s one that particularly stands out thanks to its eye-catching branding, considered aesthetics and determination to do things differently – Lash Glo. For this month’s Ask the Expert feature…

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Ask the Expert with Jaz Moger

In recent years, freehand nail art has become something of a social media sensation. Instagram particularly is flooded with stunning designs bursting with creativity. One of the most creative practitioners of this art is Jaz Moger. Salons Direct sat down…

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Ask the Expert with Joely Ocean

Freehand nail art is one of the biggest emerging trends in the world of nails. It’s a skill which is extremely difficult to master which is why, when you find someone who is an expert at it, you should see…

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Ask the Expert with Nail Artist Amy Guy

For this edition of Ask the Expert, we are catching up with one of the UK’s most exciting nail artists, the incredible Amy Guy! Having worked her way from her parent’s kitchen table to being a salon owner, educator and…

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Ask the Expert with Hayden Cassidy

Following the ‘barbering boom’ in recent years, fresh new faces are appearing in the industry like never before! One up-and-coming name you may have heard of is Hayden Cassidy. With almost 5,000 YouTube subscribers, a huge Instagram following and her…

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Ask the Expert with Daisy Kalnina

If you work in the nail industry – or even if you don’t – you’ve probably heard about the iconic The GelBottle. But, how well do you know the woman behind it? The GelBottle was started by nail tech, Daisy…

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Garry Spencer Great British Barber Bash

Ask the Expert with Great British Barber Bash

There is no doubt that the barbering industry is booming lately. No longer just a case of ‘short-back-and-sides’, the creativity and progression of barbers has really taken off in the last few years. At the heart of this barbering revolution…

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Lexie Shay Pulp Riot Squad

Ask the Expert with Lexie Shay of the Pulp Riot Squad

We all know that creative hair colouring is massive at the moment – and the trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. More and more clients are asking their stylists for highly personalised colours, with Instagram accounts…

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