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brooks and brooks feature

Sally & Jamie Brooks

Sometimes it takes the power of two to bring something fantastic to a hairdressing business. This dynamic duo leadership style is exactly how Sally and Jamie Brooks of the Brooks and Brooks salon, London have carved their reputation within the…

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Patrick Wilson

It’s been two years since we last caught up with Patrick Wilson, who is now Art Director at Olsen and Olsen, guest artist at GHD and L’Oreal Colour Trophy Winner People’s Choice Award winner. Here at Salons Direct, we love to…

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Sarah McKenna

Sarah McKenna – Hair Extensions Specialist

Here at Salons Direct, we love catching up with the most interesting experts from across the hair and beauty industries. We recently spent 5 minutes with Sarah McKenna, founder of Vixen and Blush – a London based salon that specialises in…

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Cynthia Chua – Ministry of waxing

Here at Salons Direct, we love discovering empowering entrepreneurs who have changed the face of our industry. Here we talk to Cynthia Chua, founder and CEO of The Spa Esprit Group, home to a number of lifestyle brands including the Ministry…

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Perry Patraszewski

Here we catch up with stylist Perry Patraszewski, co-founder of the iconic Blue Tit salons.  Discover Perry’s earliest thoughts on noticing great hair, as well as what and who influences him to be a great hairdresser. When did you decide…

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Brent Lawler Headshot

Brent Lawler

We talk to session stylist Brent Lawler to discover how he made the leap from working in a bustling salon, to creating beautiful hair on high fashion editorial shoots for celebrities and models such as Rita Ora and Heidi Klum. What…

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Sam McKnight Headshot

Sam McKnight

A world-renowned stylist that really needs no introduction, this month’s ‘Ask the expert‘ features the innovator of modern hair, Sam Mcknight. With a portfolio of legendary editorial, advertorial and campaign work spanning four decades, Sam has teased the tresses of everyone…

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Amy Fish – Colourist

When it comes to perfecting the craft of hair colouring, professional colourist Amy Fish has it mastered. She can be found doing it all, whether she’s providing her skills for editorial photo shoots for the likes of Dazed & Confused, Love…

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Sabrina Gayle Headshot

Sabrina Gayle – Manicurist

When it comes to freshly manicured talons, we’d like to think we know some of the best practitioners in the industry. And this month’s ‘Ask the expert’ is no different as we catch up with Sabrina Gayle who makes manicuring…

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Sophia Hilton of Not Another Salon

We recently featured the trail-blazing ‘Not Another Salon’ as our handpicked salon design of the month, and take it from us, it is pretty awesome in real life too. Check out our Instagram here if you don’t believe us! The bright and…

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