When it comes to sustainable and eco-friendly materials, bio-material is often overlooked despite its many benefits. Biomaterial is a form of polymer that is obtained from renewable biomass such as straw or coconut husk. Bio-materials have entered the beauty industry in recent years, particularly in hair care products.

From straw or recycled plastic hair brushes to straw hair accessories, these products offer a unique and environmentally friendly approach to styling and caring for hair. In this blog post, we will delve into the benefits of Head Jog’s eco-friendly hair products and why they deserve a place in your salon and your own haircare routine.

What is Head Jog?

Head Jog is a leading brand in the hair industry, founded and established by Hair Tools Limited. Hair Tools is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and distributors of professional hairdressing and beauty products, supplying other well-known brands such as Parlux, Electric Head Jog, Disicide, Haito, Zalon Colour Remover and many more.


Hair Tools is a close-knit, family-run business established in 1996. Hair Tools has a fundamental ethos of treating not only their staff but also their customers like family.

With a clear focus on trust and loyalty, cohesion and teamwork, Hair Tools prides itself on providing the best quality and most innovative products in the industry and attentive customer service, seeing customers as individuals with distinct business needs rather than transactions.


Hair Tools and Head Jog products are widely recognised for high quality and performance, unique design, and the use of cutting-edge technology. Each product range is sourced and selected from the UK and worldwide to offer clients the most on-trend product innovations in the marketplace at affordable prices.

What is the Head Jog Eco Range? 

Having seen a gap in the market and an ever-growing demand for sustainable and affordable eco-friendly hair products from their customers, whilst also being very aware of their own environmental responsibility, Hair Tools developed their Eco Range of products consisting of the

  • Head Jog 08 Straw Brush.
  • The Straw Radial Brush collection.
  • Straw Clips.
  • Head Jog 18 Ocean Brush.
  • Head Jog 19 Coconut Brush.

Let’s look at these products in more detail…

The Head Jog 08 Straw Brush





In an era where sustainability is paramount, conscious consumers are seeking eco-friendly alternatives in every aspect of their lives, including their beauty routines. Enter the Head Jog 08 Straw Brush!

The Head Jog 08 Straw Brush is crafted from natural materials, i.e. straw, which sets it apart from traditional brushes with plastic components that harm the environment and hair!

During the manufacturing process, as a natural and renewable product is being used and polymerized, carbon emission is zero, therefore reducing the carbon footprint altogether!

Another key feature of these bushes is their ergonomic, flexible design and soft, gentle bristles.

The ergonomic loop design ensures that the brush fits perfectly to the scalp whilst the bristles provide a gentle massage, resulting in less breakage. The brush is perfect for detangling both wet and dry hair.

The Head Jog 08 Straw brush has received amazing feedback for use on children’s hair, hair extensions, and those with extremely thick, coarse hair.


These eco-chic brushes are stylish and functional and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future. The Head Jog 08 Straw brushes are available in 12 beautiful colours to suit a wide variety of tastes, as singles or in display boxes 12.

The Head Jog Straw Radial Range

On seeing the popularity of the 08 Straw Brush, Head Jog has recently launched the Straw Radial Range, which is ideal for blow-drying and adding volume.




Much like the 08 Straw Brush, the Straw Radials are also made from renewable straw biomass with net zero carbon emission during manufacture.

With their ceramic coated barrels, the brushes also feature high heat-resistant nylon bristles, meaning greater durability and resulting in a healthy, smooth finish to the hair with added shine! The handle is also textured for additional grip and comfort during use.

They’re perfect for blow drying and getting the on-trend bouncy blow dry style.

The range consists of 4 radial brushes in sizes 25mm, 34mm, 44mm and 53mm.





The range also features a Straw Paddle brush, perfect for creating smooth and sleek blow-dried hair.

Head Jog 24 Straw Paddle Brush



Head Jog Clips Head Jog Straw Clip Bundle




Expanding the straw range even further, Head Jog Straw Clips are now available as a sustainable yet fashionable hair accessory.

Due to their makeup, the clips are strong, durable yet gentle on hair and snag-free, making them suitable for all hair types. Available in 3 gorgeous colours, as single clips or as a display deal of 18 with a beautiful wicker basket, adding to the suitability of the range.    

The Head Jog 18 Ocean Brush

Head Jog 18 Ocean Brush Display (12 Brushes)




Plastic pollution is a global crisis that threatens marine ecosystems, wildlife, and the health of our planet. Millions of tons of plastic waste enter our oceans annually, leading to devastating consequences. As a result, Head Jog has sought ways to repurpose this ocean plastic through the development of their Head Jog 18 Ocean Brush Range.

By utilising plastic recovered from the ocean, beaches and shores, these brushes help reduce the demand for new plastic production while also decreasing plastic pollution in our seas.

The combination of vibrant, sea-inspired colours and textures adds a unique touch to the Head Jog Ocean brushes. The brushes also boast a distinct ocean wave-inspired design. The loop and double curve create an ergonomic and flexible design. This, coupled with soft and pliable bristles, means the brush is gentle to the scalp, whilst the flexible and soft bristles provide a massage effect, resulting in less hair breakage.

The Head Jog 19 Coconut Brush

Head Jog 19 Coconut Brush Display (12 Brushes)




Coconut husks, the outer shell of coconuts, are a natural by-product of the coconut industry but are traditionally regarded as waste. However, the Head Jog 18 Coconut brush harnesses this waste and has transformed it into a valuable resource for crafting this eco-friendly hair brush.

The natural bristles are adept at detangling knots without causing damage to the hair. They offer a smooth and gentle brushing experience, especially beneficial for those with delicate or fine hair.

The brushes are available in 2 stunning colours, cream and cocoa, sold individually or in a display box of 12.

Why Use Head Jog Eco-Friendly Hair Products?

Aside from the benefits to the environment and supporting ethical sourcing, the Head Jog Eco Range offers several other benefits:

✅ Gentle on the Hair and Scalp

The Head Jog Straw, Ocean and Coconut brushes are gentle on the hair and scalp. The natural texture of the bristles is gentle on the scalp, reducing friction and breakage that can occur with synthetic materials. Due to their flexibility, they also distribute the natural oils from your scalp more evenly, promoting healthier hair and reducing the need for excessive washing or styling products.    

✅ Improved Hair Texture and Appearance

The Head Jog Straw, Ocean and Coconut brushes can help improve the texture and appearance of the hair. The bristles help to detangle knots without causing damage, resulting in smoother and shiner hair. Additionally, accessories like the Head Jog Straw Clips are gentle and do not snag or pull on the hair, resulting in less damage whilst also adding elegance to hairstyles, enhancing the overall look with their unique and rustic charm.    

✅ Versatility and Style

All of the Head Jog Eco products are compatible with various hair types and lengths, whether long, short, curly or straight, meaning they’re suitable for professional salon use or use at home. The versatility of these products ensures that stylists can achieve the desired styles for their clients whilst also staying true to their own commitment to sustainability.

✅ Affordability and Ingenuity

An additional benefit of the Head Jog Eco Range is the affordability of the products, without compromise on quality, compared to other eco hair goods available on the market. As the ranges are available in sets and display boxes, they are also perfect for retail in salons, providing an opportunity for gaining extra revenue.

To Summarise…

Eco-friendly hair products offer a unique combination of sustainable materials, gentle care, and aesthetic appeal. By incorporating these eco-friendly alternatives into your salon, you contribute to a greener future while ensuring your clients enjoy the benefits of healthier hair.

Let’s embrace the elegance and sustainability of eco-friendly hair products, making conscious choices that align with our commitment to the environment and promote a more sustainable hair and beauty industry.


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