While kitchen foil and professional hair foil may appear similar at first glance, there is a clear distinction between their intended purposes. Professional hair foils are specifically designed for use in salons and by hairstylists for several reasons.

Could kitchen foil be the reason behind the bad level of lift in your bleaching services?

Here, we’ll take a look at why you should choose Procare hair foils over standard kitchen foils and the key differences between the two.

Who are Procare?

Procare is a British manufacturer of hair foil. Their Bristol-based warehouse, office, and manufacturing plant employ over 50 people, and they source ethically.

Since its launch, Procare has grown to be the leading manufacturer of hair foils, dispensing systems, and alternative colour placement products in the UK and EU and the number-one-selling hair foil brand in the UK.


It was a happy accident for us, our sister company Wrapex manufactures films, foils and baking papers for the catering sector, and back in 2003, we acquired a company to grow our catering business.

This newly acquired company also supplied a limited number of customers with hair foil (hairdressing was a sector we hadn’t considered previously), so we investigated further and decided to invest in a new design and to improve the formulation of the product, specifically to suit the colouring agents used when bleaching or .


What are the benefits of using Procare Hair Foils over Kitchen Foil?


Safe To Use With Colour

Procare Professional Hair Foil is specially formulated with a specific low copper content that doesn’t react negatively with all major colour house products.

Size and Thickness  ✅

Procare hair foils come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to suit different hair lengths and colouring techniques.

They are available in pre-cut sheets or rolls, allowing for customisation based on the client’s needs. In contrast, standard kitchen foils may have limited size options and may be too thick or thin for optimal hair colouring results.


Hair foils are designed to withstand the chemicals used in hair colouring treatments, such as bleach and hair dye. They are less likely to tear during the application process, ensuring a smoother and more effective colouring experience.

Professional hair foil is typically more malleable, which makes it easier to manipulate and wrap around the hair



You may also enjoy Q&A with Procare.


Foil Quality ✅

Professional Hair Foil, like Procare’s range, is 15 to 18 microns, which describes its thickness and density. The higher the micron number, the thicker the foil.

Kitchen foil usually ranges from 10 to 12 microns, meaning the heat of the lightener cannot be held for an even lift. This can give a patchy lift from root to end.

The density of foil is important when lighting up to 7-10 levels of lift.

Both 15-micron and 18-micron hair foil will support the lightning process to ensure an even lift.

Procare Extra Wide Foil Refills Silver 120mm x 100m

Procare Extra Wide Foil Refills Silver 120mm x 100m



15-micron foil is great for clients who only want to go 3-4 levels lighter, as the foil will not overprocess the colour’s development.

Procare Aluminium Foil 10cm x 100m




18-micron foil will ensure the best result for clients who need 5-7 levels of lift, providing their hair is in good condition to be lightened.

Convenience and Professionalism ✅

Using dedicated hair foils like Procare demonstrates professionalism and attention to detail in your salon.

They are designed with features such as non-slip textures or colour indicators to simplify the colouring process and ensure consistent results.

Additionally, Procare foils often come with convenient dispenser boxes or cutting edges for easy dispensing and use, which can save time and enhance efficiency in the salon environment.

Heat Conductivity ✅

Professional hair foils are often made with materials that conduct heat efficiently.

This helps to accelerate the colour processing time, ensuring that the hair colour develops evenly and effectively.

Client Comfort and Safety ✅

Procare hair foils are typically coated with a protective barrier to prevent colour from bleeding or transferring onto the hair or scalp.

By contrast, standard kitchen foils may lack this protective coating, increasing the risk of skin irritation or hair damage. Not least, kitchen foil contains a small amount of metal, which may not be safe to use with particular dyes and colours.

Discover the Procare 24*7 Dispensing System.

Procare creates products that consistently go above and beyond, like the 24*7 Dispensing system – the world’s only fully automatic hair foil dispenser that stylists just can’t be without.

All Procare products go through rigorous quality control to make sure they work with the latest colours and bleaches. From responsibly sourcing materials right through to second-to-none service and aftercare.




With the press of a button, effortlessly cut and fold your foils to perfection. Just select your desired foil length, fold size, and the quantity needed, and let the dispenser do the rest. This efficient dispenser not only saves your salon from wastage but also drastically reduces the time spent on foil preparation, almost eliminating it altogether.

Enjoy flawlessly presented foils in a fraction of the time, hassle-free.


Discover more in our previous blog: Why You Need a Procare 24*7 Dispenser in Your Salon.


While standard kitchen foils may be a cheaper alternative, investing in Procare hair foils can lead to better results, improved efficiency, and a higher level of client satisfaction in the long run.


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