Ever wondered what it is like to be on a hairdressing college course? Well, good news! We’ve asked two current Level 3 Diploma students¬†¬†Emilie Benson & Charlotte Brinkley to share their experiences on the course to give you an idea of what to expect.

We are Hairdressing VRQ Level 3 Diploma students at Guildford College. We have done our Level 1 and 2 and we are a few weeks from finishing our Level 3.

The course is very creative and the college is a good place to make new friends. We are encouraged to try out new things, learn new techniques and work with clients to build our skills. Hairdressing contains a lot of practical and theory work, it needs a lot of concentration and isn’t a course you can mess around on.

The salon in the college that we practice in is like a real salon as it is open to the public and takes paying clients, which gives you good experience and a good insight of what it would be like to work in a real salon on the high street. The tutors are really friendly and are always there to help if you need it; they are very understanding and push you to the best of your ability. The theory side of hairdressing can be difficult at times but the tutors try to make it as enjoyable as they can. Now our uniform has changed to tunics we feel and look a lot more professional in front of clients.

The course offers a lot of support if needed with personal reasons. You have to turn up to college and lessons on time otherwise you get a late card because you can’t leave clients waiting and disrupt the lesson. If you get more then 3 late cards you get a disciplinary.

 We enjoy hairdressing as it’s a great course and a great opportunity to take.

 Emilie Benson & Charlotte Brinkley