Angelo Vallillo is a rising star on the British Hairdressing scene – having won Eastern Hairdresser of the Year at the British Hairdressing Awards 2013. Angelo has his own academy offering an exciting and electric education programme at Zullo & Holland, where he is the creative director!!
How did it feel to win 2013 Eastern Hairdresser of the Year?

It has taken 10 long years working towards winning Eastern; everything I’ve done has been focused on this title. So when they called my name, I was ecstatic. To have my work acknowledged by my industry, the best in the world, was a very proud moment for me. It’ll be tough to beat.


What advice would you give someone just starting out in the trade?

Live hairdressing, have passion and keep on learning.


What salon product could you absolutely not do without?

Currently I love products that give me texture I can work with, so it has to be Wella Create Character Texturising Spray. It’s also a great retailer. It just flies off the shelves.


Which styles do you think will be big in 2014?

Long hair will be big, driven by the Duchess of Cambridge and her long, wavy hair. The feeling will be very natural and undone, but with a healthy shine. And I think we’ll see a lot of shoulder-length, layer-free bobs with texture, like Taylor Swift’s, that offer versatility with a glamorous edge.


What is your funniest story from your time in the trade?

Sometimes words just slip out and you can’t help it. I was doing a perm for one of my favourite clients and was just rinsing off the neutraliser, which, if you’re not careful, can burn the skin around the forehead. So I leaned over and asked, trying to be all attentive, if her foreskin was ok. She gave me a funny look before bursting out laughing – and she’s still a client.