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Here we talk to Cynthia Chua, founder and CEO of The Spa Esprit Group, home to a number of lifestyle brands including the Ministry Of Waxing. Discover how Cynthia’s career in beauty exploded as well as her thoughts on the future of the hair removal business.


Tell us more about how your career began?

I dabbled in marketing in a corporate environment when I first joined the workforce and realised that the lifestyle industry was my calling. I love dreaming and have a dogmatic way of doing things. Since I like doing things my way, I realised it’s best to start my own business. In 1996, I started spa Esprit, a unique and uplifting day spa which was very different as most spas tend to gear towards the zen concept.

What inspired you to revolutionise the waxing industry?

Ministry of Waxing started in Singapore. It all began over a conversation with a couple of friends from the West who thought it was hilarious that Asian women had unkempt, over-grown bushes in their nether regions.

The team started researching on the art of Brazilian Waxing and even jetted off to New York City, the Mecca of Brazilian waxing, to learn the chops. Modifying the dynamics of the perfect Brazilian to suit all of Asiana, it meant that techniques had to be changed while keeping all of the wax’s super high efficacy. Ministry of Waxing was born.

Ministry of waxing tools

What is the philosophy behind your brand?

Ministry of Waxing is stringent in upholding its HSQ Mantra: Hygiene, Speed and Quality. Simply put, there is absolutely No Double Dipping, every customer receives her/his personal Ministry of Waxing Hygiene Pack, and we use the best of the best waxes and our Waxperts strap on (their latex gloves) and strip off (the wax) in 30 minutes flat!

Our semi-permanent hair reduction laser machines are FDA approved. This offers customers a more permanent solution to hair removal should they chose to have this. Ministry of Waxing also carries a specially formulated range of effective pre and post care products to ensure that our customers are well taken care of at all times.

ministry of waxing room

What are your favourite products that help make your job easier?

I love products, especially essential oil such as neroli and lavender. I also love Ministry of Waxing’s Ice Cream and SCO sunblock.

Where do you see the beauty/waxing industry evolving?

The way people view waxing has evolved. It is no longer just about hair removal and it is now likened to how one would view one’s facial grooming.  It is also about pampering and enhancing the Brazilian area. But the biggest change is how most people are now moving away from waxing to laser for semi-permanent hair removal. We are seeing a huge shift towards this.

ministry of waxing interior

Have you seen any waxing trends emerge since you started?

There are loads of trends that emerged over the years such as waxing the Brazilian in different shapes, colouring of the hair on the nether region to Vajazzling (decorating of the Brazilian area with crystals) to Brazilian facials and tightening, plumping, lightening treatments etc.

How do you make clients feel comfortable during intimate treatments?

At Ministry of Waxing  we go to great lengths to ensure that our customers have the best experience. From tip-top hygiene standards, super thick down mattress topper for maximum comfort, hydraulic adjustable beds, customised waxing techniques that enables our customers to lay comfortably (no weird contortions), well-trained waxperts, specially formulated wax and post-wax care products or Ministry of Waxing’s carefully compiled audio soundtrack – these are just some of the things that make the brand stand out.

At Ministry of Waxing, every Brazilian / Boyzilian virgin is given a full consultation prior to the wax treatment, where the full explanation of the treatment, benefits, as well as post-wax care products will be explained. Our waxperts will also be on hand to tackle any queries or uncertainties you may have. Understanding the process helps the customer to feel assured and dispel any irrational fears.

We have a Brazilian / Boyzilian Virgin Guidebook that takes the customer through the entire Brazilian / Boyzilian Wax process. We also provide our customers with a few drops of Bach Flower Essence (a natural calming remedy), as well as an adorable STRIP Squeezy Toy to accompany them through the entire treatment.

Ministry of waxing interior

What advice do you have for anyone wanting to start up in the business of beauty/waxing?

I believe that Passion, Rhythm, and Tenacity are needed to make a business successful, this applies to all and not just the beauty business. You must absolutely love what you do and believe strongly in it, but passion is not enough if you do not have the tenacity to see it through. Tenacity is difficult and staying strong when the roof caves in and have the ability to go the whole way. You have to ensure that your products, service, and ambiance stays fresh and relevant.

What can we expect to see from you in 2017 and beyond?

Keep doing things that I love. To constantly create exciting movements to positively impact the city’s cultural landscape.

Find the Ministry of waxing on Instagram: @ministryofwaxing

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