Trevor Sorbie is revered internationally as an award-winning hairdresser and entrepreneur, claiming the ‘British Hairdresser of the Year’ title no less than¬†four times and in 2001 was named ‘World Hairdresser of the Year’.¬†It‚Äôs our pleasure at Salons Direct to present our Ask the Expert blog, allowing us to take a peek into his marvellous and creative world. Enjoy!

Daniel Davies
Do you think that hairdressers and barbers should be licensed if yes how would you do it?

Yes of course I do and the person that is pioneering that role is Andrew Barton. I know it has already gone to parliament, but I don’t know the outcome of that yet.

Lisa Mclean
What was the main key to your success?

I would put this down to the obvious and that is determination, relentless passion and just as importantly, surrounding myself with the right people, for example my business manager/partner.

Christina Maria Rooney
What do you think are best products for creating the most platinum blonde results?

We in Trevor Sorbie use L’Oreal products and guided by my International Technical Director, Nathan Walker; he says that Platinum would be the best product to achieve this result.

Tina Mitchell
Who was your inspiration as a young hairdresser, and who is your inspiration now?

Vidal Sassoon was and still is an inspiration to me. Not only as a hairdresser, but as a person; I can’t think of anyone that i have greater respect for.

Sarah Gosney
Have you ever had a wobble and nearly chucked it all in?

Yes I did have a wobble after five years of barbering I was due to get a job with Gillette, but I failed at the interview so decided to go back to hairdressing but this time doing ladies hair. I have never regretted it since.

Carol Chamberlain
Have you ever had an accident or made a really bad mistake when cutting a famous persons hair?

Yes, Helen Mirren; years ago I cut her hair for Prime Suspect which was very successful, then a year later I cut her hair again for a film she was making. A couple of years later she was making another series of Prime Suspect and she wanted the same cut I had done for when she was starring in the first series. During the cut I had a lapse of concentration and started cutting her hair the same as the film rather than Prime Suspect. Half hour into the cut I realised I was giving her the wrong cut, so my only way to get of the situation was to say to Helen that I was just updating the old look and that it had to move on. She was very happy with it which really saved my bacon!

Sarah Kazer-Roberts
Who has had the best hair to work on?

Lesley Garrett, not only has she got great hair but she loves to experiment with colour, so many of my clients come in and ask for a similar look.

Jenny Chalmers-Cranny
What has been your favourite hair fashion year and why?

There wasn’t a particular year, but a decade which was the 1980s. Bands especially were so creative with their hair and really experimental which for me was so creative.

Natasha Short
How did you go about getting your own products? Who helped you?

I was approached by an American company in New York that wanted to finance a product line and I now own the rights to the brand.

Mitchell Tingster
Who cuts your hair?

Anyone that’s free in my salon cuts my hair; I trust all of my staff.

Vikram Sinnar
What’s your favourite salon product?

‘Trevor Sorbie Prep Hair’, I use this on my clients when I am cutting their hair, it takes the fluffy, just shampooed look out of hair.

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