Beauty Therapists all over have been sharing their experiences with us and we’ve rounded up our favourites to share with you. How many can you relate to?

Beauty Therapist Problems

Have you got any of your own #BeautyTherapistProblems, that we’ve missed? We’d love to hear them, comment below…

15. When a regular client comes in with nails you didn’t paint! Feeling betrayed much!

14. Moments when you are informing a client how to look after their skin knowing full well you have a spot the size of a small planet on your chin.

13. When you’re doing a Hopi ear candle treatment and wanting to sing: “Happy birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me!”

12. You really don’t know struggle until you’ve completed a long day waxing and used cotton wool straight after.

11. When talking to a client, you find yourself mentally plucking her eyebrows into shape.. Pass the tweezers!

10. The times when you find yourself singing along to the ‘relaxing whale sounds’ cd when tidying the beauty treatment room.

9. Those moments when your client tentatively opens their purse after gel polish and secretly thinking: “Yeah I used the UV light to tan your fingers.”

8. When you’re filing your clients toenails and the toenail dust goes in your mouth… Tasting feet OMG.

7. You know you’re a beauty therapist when you find yourself knowing more about your client in a 20 minute treatment than you do about your entire family put together!

6. Those occasions when you’re doing a bride’s make-up and you end up being more nervous than her.

5. There’s nothing worse than when a client tells you how to do your job. “I normally don’t put a base coat on before painting my nails.”
While the words spew from her mouth, your mind is telling you. “Yeah that’s why your nails are yellow love.”

4. The awkward moment when a client asks to go to the toilet before an intimate wax. You find yourself mentally timing her…if it was a short visit you know you’re safe.

3. I love cutting toenails… Said NO beautician ever.

2. The feeling of taking your bra off after a long day and the moment lost when you find a toenail clipping in it.

1. When it comes to waxing yourself, the wax is on… No I can’t do it!

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