The Swedish brand FOREO was launched in 2013 with the intention of blending technology and practicality to create a refreshing approach to skincare. Ever since the introduction of its award-winning LUNA product line, the brand has continued to innovate.

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Everything you need to know about the iconic FOREO LUNA

There are a few different variants of the FOREO LUNA, including the LUNA 4, LUNA PLUS 4 and LUNA 4 Body. Each of these devices is crafted from high-quality, hypoallergenic silicone and uses T-Sonic pulsations to gently cleanse and massage the skin, effectively removing approximately 99.5% of impurities, excess sebum, and stubborn makeup that contribute to enlarged pores and blemishes.

FOREO LUNA 4 Facial Cleansing Device Sensitive Skin



Ideal for your facial clients, the FOREO Luna is a pioneering facial cleansing device that has garnered significant attention and acclaim. Designed specifically for sensitive skin, this cutting-edge facial cleansing device combines deep cleansing and firming capabilities in one. Crafted from silicone tailored to different skin types, it boasts exceptional hygiene standards, making it the perfect addition to your busy salon.

With a selection of 16 customisable T-Sonic™ pulsation intensities, it provides the flexibility to switch between Gentle, Regular, and Deep cleansing modes.

Key Features:

Bacteria Resistant Silicone.

✅ One-time investment; no additional brush heads needed.

✅ Rechargeable battery with 300 uses per charge.

✅ Hypoallergenic, free of phthalates and BPA.

✅ Thinner touchpoints gently cleanse sensitive or normal skin & thicker touchpoints offer precision cleansing for oily parts like T-zone.

✅ Fit for deep cleansing of all skin types.

FOREO LUNA 4 Plus Facial Cleansing Device Sensitive Skin



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Key Features:

✅ Now 17% softer than LUNA™ 3’s silicone touchpoints for an even easier barrier-protecting glide.

✅ Two microcurrent pins at the back for a targeted toning massage.

✅ Near-infrared + red LED light heated cleansing lifts away 99.5% of impurities.

✅ Warming dilates pores for a deeper cleanse to reduce inflammation & breakouts effectively.

Use with…


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Take a look at the FOREO Bear Microcurrent Facial Toning Device. With five adjustable intensities, this non-comedogenic and SLS-free device enables you to help clients tone any sagging skin on their faces. Employing microcurrent technology and T-Sonic pulsation it promotes firmer, plumper-looking skin with just one use.

Key Features:

✅ Helps to build collagen, repair elastin & tighten skin.

✅ Uses advanced sensors to measure skin resistance to electricity.

✅ Made out of ultra-hygienic silicone.

✅ T-Sonic™ massage improves lymphatic drainage, which helps reduce fluid retention and eliminate toxins-decreasing puffiness.

✅ BEAR™ 2 uses up to 680 uA of microcurrent to tone the 69 muscles in the face and neck.

Discover the FOREO PEACH 2 IPL Hair Removal Device



Remove unwanted body hair with ease with the FOREO Peach 2 IPL Device. Featuring 120 flashes per minute, the device sets to work to remove hair quickly and effectively, encouraging a silky-smooth finish.

Key Features:

Made from high-quality silicone, the tool features a self-adjusting head that adapts seamlessly to the curves and contours of the body.

✅ Works in synergy with the FOREO app, offering customisable treatments and intensities for a bespoke routine.

✅ T-Sonic™ technology helps to capture the root of the hair for optimal results.

✅ Built-in air cooling system, smart skin sensor, UV-filtration system & protective silicone shield.

✅  T-Sonic™ massage temporarily dilates pores so the light can penetrate the root of each hair more efficiently, delivering better results.

Use with…

FOREO PEACH Cooling Prep Gel

Discover the FOREO UFO 3 Facial Hydration Device



Deeply hydrate your client’s skin with the FOREO UFO heated mask. It treats signs of ageing with concentrated NIR therapy and full spectrum LED light – for an instantly radiant, healthy-looking complexion.

Key Features:

Increases skin moisture in 2 mins.

✅ Reduces wrinkles in 1 week.

✅ Provides immediate and long-lasting skin hydration.

✅ More effective & 10x faster than regular sheet masks.

Use with…

FOREO UFO Matte Maniac Mask 2.0 Pack of 6

FOREO UFO Glow Addict Mask 2.0 Pack of 6

FOREO UFO Shimmer Freak Mask 2.0 Pack of 6

Introducing FOREO products into your in-salon services or mobile services for facials, skincare, and hair removal is a smart decision. With their commitment to hygiene, customisation, and innovation, FOREO products have the potential to help elevate your client’s overall treatment experience, ensuring all-important client satisfaction.

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