Back in 2013, the Skinny Tan concept was backed by a Dragon’s Den panellist and the rest is history they say! With an innovative formula that contains no parabens or sulfates, and won’t turn you or your clients orange, we were keen to hear more about where and how Skinny Tan came to be! In this week’s brand spotlight, we chat to co-founder Louise Ferguson to find out more.

Tell us more about how Skinny Tan began?

Skinny Tan began when myself and friend Kate were on maternity leave. Having just had babies, our bodies had gone a little south and we were looking for a quick fix to feel confident again.  Kate was having great success with a guarana based cellulite cream and I used to think that tanning made me look thinner. Trouble was, Kate’s cellulite cream and fake tan could not be used together and she just asked: “Why don’t they put the two things in one”  – “Why don’t they I thought” And the idea for Skinny Tan was born.

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How does the brand remain innovative?

We are very prolific on social media so we are literally always talking to our customers every minute of every day. We really take on board what they like and don’t like and ideas they have for the perfect tanner and then we take them to the team to see if we can make a product to solve them.  Our Skinny Tan Oil, for example, came from many women in their forties and fifties complaining that traditional tanning was too drying on their skin. We use lots of naturally derived oils throughout our product range and our professional sprays.  It makes the tan a really hydrating treatment gentle enough for very young skin and moisturising enough to get an equally great result on women in their 50s, 60s, even 70,s. We have kept innovative by listening to consumers and bringing our tanners to a wider market.

What makes Skinny Tan stand out from their competitors?

As previously mentioned, we combine guarana with tanning so cosmetically help disguise the visible appearance of cellulite as we tan.  Plus because we came late to market there had been advances in ways to create tanning that was made from over 90% naturally derived ingredients so we remain paraben-free, sulfate-free and gentle on the skin.  All that traditional orange or streakiness common in many traditional formulas could be solved now so we are proudly natural looking in our tanning and always streak free. Plus with our inclusion of high levels of naturally derived oils, we are moisturising so suitable for skin of all ages.


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Who can use Skinny Tan?

Absolutely anyone.  Its gentle enough for young skin – realistic and easy enough to apply for the boys and men PLUS it is hydrating and even includes anti-ageing anti-oxidants so perfect for more mature skin too!  There is no reason anyone should go pale if they want to be tanned now AND definitely no reason anyone should be baking in the sun!

Why is the brand called Skinny Tan?

Its a play on words really.  Firstly because we felt a fake tan could cosmetically disguise the appearance of cellulite and tanning generally helped me feel I looked thinner.  But also because like your Skinny latte we contain less of the ingredients that are bad for you and remain as skin kind as possible.


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What are your best-selling products and why do you think that is?

Our Mousse is still our best seller, I think its just because it really is so easy to apply in minutes and that the streak-free result lasts so long.

How do you think the tanning industry is changing?

I think as new advancements in the science make products that are truly streak free and really look like a real tan and can be more naturally skin kind it means more people will see the benefit of faking especially as we are all becoming very aware of the dangers of the alternative. Sunbeds are now banned in Australia so people are looking for alternatives.

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