When used effectively, social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter can not only increase engagement with your salon brand, but also generate new business from a client pool you wouldn’t have otherwise been able to reach. Here at Salons Direct, we have already touched upon the best practice when it comes to using social media to market your salon where we discuss the best tools to use and the importance of imagery and tagging.

An example of a salon successfully marketing their business through social media is Not Another Salon. We caught up with Not Another Salon stylist/colourist, Harriet Stokes, to find out some of the secrets behind Not Another Salon’s successful social media strategy.

Is a theme important? Colour theme? All images with borders, etc?

A theme isn’t necessary but I’d advise keeping your page looking consistent and interesting. Some people use borders to make their profile stand out which I love and used to do it too, but I found it really shrunk my image, slightly distorting it and it took away the full impact.

Starbucks’ page, for example, is visually really pretty to look at, and they stick with a certain vibe/colour scheme for each season throughout the year. On Not Another Salon’s Instagram

98% of the images are all taken within the four walls of the salon.

As you scroll down the page you can almost imagine the vibe in the salon & feel part of it already and know what to expect. What I think is most important is that you are left with an impression.

How can salon owners figure out when the best posting times are for engagement?

You can change your Instagram page to a business profile which allows you to monitor your page’s activity and gives you insights to how your posts perform, best times to post and where your followers are from. It gives you information to understand your audience/followers. Taking time out to study what is successful will make the world of difference.

Has NAS ever noticed that they have attracted new clients from being consistent on social media?

80% of our new clients actually come from Instagram!

It’s our main place for promotion & it’s where this generation is looking for inspiration. We try and educate clients about who we are and what we do so they already know about us before they come in, saving us time. Nearly all of my new clients know what INNOluxe is before they even come in!

What are the best tips for creating a really awesome Instagram feed?

Photography, content & consistency is absolutely key! Keep your images looking clean, polished hair, great lighting and a good camera – and I don’t mean a big proper camera, just a good iPhone. Keep your content consistent and promote what you want to bring into the salon. Also, bringing personality to the page gives it a more personal touch rather than feeling too business-like.

Does hash tagging work?

I don’t hashtag very often as I’m not one for very many words on Instagram. I do believe hash tags work as your work will pop up on someone’s explore page if the have been searching for things that relate to your page & hashtags.

Instagram is very clever, as it watches what you do then recommends posts/pages that you’ll like. Always tag the colour brand that you use and products. For example, we use L’Oreal colour so I always tag in my photos @lorealeducationuk, @notanothersalon & @innoluxe. Don’t go over the top with hashtagging & tagging big brands as they don’t appreciate being tagged with other companies. Focus on one!

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