Look no further than Indola Color Style Mousse for a unique temporary direct dye range. The Color Style Mousse is perfect for clients seeking a low-commitment hair transformation in just one easy step.

With plenty of benefits, this innovation from Indola provides unlimited services, from refreshment to toning to neutralisation and beyond!

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Indola Colour Mousse

Benefits of the Indola Color Style Mousse at a glance

🌟 Colouring & styling in one single step with the flexibility to remove all styling effects if desired when using as a rinse-off.

🌟 Non-sticky & non-tacky formula.

🌟Easy application with hands (don’t forget gloves), comb or brush.

🌟 A great variety of intermixable shades create infinite colour possibilities, from natural and pastel to bold.

🌟 Ready-to-use with 0 to 10 minutes processing time.

🌟 Gentle and vegan formula.

Key Benefits when used as a leave-in

✅ Allows laid-back movement with a soft, natural hold.

✅ Enhances the hair‘s natural volume.

✅  Formulated with Panthenol to protect against blow-dry damage and to leave the hair feeling nourished.

✅  Great manageability while blow-drying.

Key Benefits when used as a rinse-off tint

Achieves on-top service opportunities in the salon, including:

✅ Pre-pigmentation: to avoid early colour fading.

✅ Re-pigmentation: to avoid brassy or greenish tones.

✅ Transform existing shades into new tonal shades.

✅Neutralise unwanted tones.

How to use Indola Color Style Mousse



Unlike permanent colourations, which create solid layers of colour that completely cover up almost anything underneath, semi-permanent dyes allow the underlying surface to remain visible.

This means that the final colour result significantly depends on the existing hair colour.


Keep in mind that results can vary and depend on the following factors…

💡 The healthier/ more resistant the hair is, the less intense the colour result will be.

💡 The paler the base colour, the truer the tone and the bolder the result of pastel shades.

💡 The darker the base colour, the less visible and the result muted.

💡 The more uneven the base colour is, the more uneven the result will be, especially on porous, previously lightened hair where roots to ends differ.

💡 The intensity of the result depends on the amount of product you use. The greater the amount used, the more intense the result will be.

💡 The colour depth will not change dramatically; neither will it become noticeably lighter or darker.

The lasting power can vary depending on the hair’s condition, the amount of product used, and your chosen shades.

Up to 4 washes: When used as a leave-in styling mousse.

Up to 4 washes: When used as a rinse-off tint in shades Silver, Silver Lavender, Pearl Grey, Beige Blonde, and Soft Mauve.

Up to 10 washes: For shades Medium Blonde, Dark Blonde, Light Brown Hazel, Medium Brown, Dark Ash, and Anthracite.

Up to 20 washes: For shades Honey Blonde, Copper, Red, Strawberry Rosé.


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With 15 intermixable shades, you can create unlimited colour possibilities, from natural and pastel to bold!

Preparation in 5 easy steps

1. Analyse the existing colour and choose an appropriate shade according to the shade guide.

2. Shampoo & towel dry the hair.

3. Wear suitable gloves.

4. Shake the COLOR STYLE MOUSSE well & hold it upside down whilst dispensing.

5. Choose between leave-in or rinse-off application depending on the desired hair look.


Versatile Service Opportunities

Option 1: Leave-In Application

Instant colour service & volumised hair with natural light hold and nourished hair feel.

Apply an orange-sized* amount on freshly shampooed and towel-dried hair and distribute it evenly with a comb or a brush.

Blow-dry into the desired style.

Option 2: Rinse-off Application

Intensify colour & lastingness.

Apply a generous amount of product on freshly shampooed and towel-dried hair and distribute evenly with a comb or a brush. Make sure the hair is well saturated with the product.

Development Time

Leave for up to 10 minutes. Please note that the shorter the processing time, the quicker the colour will fade.


Rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear. Do not shampoo the hair after tinting for optimum colour results.


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Let’s take a look at the natural toning colours

Find Your Client’s Perfect Shade

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