Here we’ll be sharing more about the relaunch of INDOLA’s much-loved PCC Assortment. For INDOLA, 2023 is the year to celebrate a mutual love for hair colour with a new assortment but the same high performance.

INDOLA’s colour offering has provided tried and trusted technology to hairdressers worldwide, resulting in excellent product performance with dependable colour results. And now the whole PCC range is relaunching with a new look and new colour shades but the same simple yet high-performing and much-loved vegan formula.




“We breathe colour. We teach colour. We grow with colour, so 2023 focuses on helping hairdressers fully embrace their colour services to grow their business with high-performing colour!”

INDOLA PCC colour & Developers at a glance

With a whole new look with the same high-performing vegan formulas, the newly relaunched INDOLA PCC offers an intermixable, compact portfolio of 85 shades with a solution for every client.

Indola Profession 60ml

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Key Features

  • 14 Natural shades with up to 100% coverage.
  • 11 Cool & Neutral shades with up to 70% coverage.
  • 44 Fashion shades with up to 70% coverage.
  • 16 Intense Coverage shades with 100% coverage on resistant hair.

INDOLA uses one high-performing line of developers with four strengths compatible with all permanent colours from INDOLA, giving optimised results with:

You can expect…

  • Colour longevity.
  • Superior shine 
  • Unique care ingredients to detangle and smooth.
  • Great colour retention.

Indola Profession Cream Developer 6% 20 Vol 1000ml

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Micro-dye molecules and amino acids penetrate deep into each hair for unrivalled true colour without compromise and up to 100% coverage. The cationic care agent in INDOLA’S cream developer unlocks the full caring benefits of this system.


INDOLA’s formulas deliver excellent results and provide smart solutions to everyday hairdresser needs.

In addition to the compact and intuitive core assortment, the Smart Creatives product line was developed to multiply service opportunities without the need for multiple products including an innovation that substitutes an entire demi-permanent line with ONE hero product, the Color Transformer – you don’t need a huge assortment to be a smart colourist.

INDOLA Color Transformer

INDOLA Color Transformer with technology that converts permanent INDOLA shades into demi-permanent colours with an easy 1:1 mixing ratio. The colour result is flawless from roots to tip, resulting in shiny and healthy-looking hair.Indola Profession Color Transformer

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How to choose the right colour

Step One: Identify your client’s hair condition

This will determine which colour services are feasible and which are not. Are the roots, mid-length and ends currently in a virgin condition, coloured or treated with a form product? Is the condition of your client’s hair normal, porous or extremely porous? For extremely porous hair, consider performing a strand test first.

Step Two: Determine the current colour of your client’s hair

Identify depth and tonal direction, and white hair percentage.

Step Three: Create a personalised colour recipe for your client’s hair

Take into consideration that the roots and mid-lengths are not always in the same condition and might be treated with different colour mixtures.

What is the desired target level?

  • If you want to go lighter, how many levels of lift do you want to achieve?
  • Which developer strength is needed to achieve the desired level?
  • What is the underlying pigment, and do you want to enhance or replace it?

Image of hair colour in pots

How to apply INDOLA PCC & Developer

Wear suitable gloves.

Always apply to dry, unwashed hair.

Virgin hair application / Global application

  • Mix PCC shade together with CREAM DEVELOPER (1:1).
  •  Apply mixture evenly to dry mid-length and ends.
  • Leave to develop for 10 -15 minutes.
  • Then apply the remaining or freshly mixed mixture to the root area.
  • Leave to develop for another 30 minutes.
  • Total processing time: 40-45 minutes.

Re-growth application / Dual application

  • Mix PCC shade with the appropriate CREAM DEVELOPER (1:1).
  • Apply PCC mixture to the re-growth area only.
  • Leave to develop for 20-30 minutes.
  • Then apply the COLOR TRANSFORMER mixture to mid-length and ends and leave to develop for another 5-20 minutes.
  • Total processing time: 25-50 minutes.

INDOLA PCC colour shades

Root retouch on resistant, coarse hair

  • Use PCC Intense Coverage shades on virgin bases.
  • Mix 1:1 with 9% CREAM DEVELOPER and follow the general application rules.
  • Leave to develop for 30-45 minutes.
  • Or subsequent application, use Intense Coverage shade on re-growth only and apply the equavalent‚ ‘standard’ shade on the faded length and ends.

Subsequent, demi-permanent colouration

  • Mix PCC shade together with COLOR TRANSFORMER (1:1), e.g. 45g 6.4 + 45g COLOR TRANSFORMER.
  • Apply on re-growth first.
  • Leave to develop for 15-20 minutes.
  • Then apply on mid-length and ends.
  • Leave to develop for additional 5-15 minutes, depending on hair structure and desired result.
  • Total processing time: 20-35 minutes.

INDOLA CREA-MIX and the brand-new CREA-BOLD were developed to allow hairdressers to create their own colour palettes! 

INDOLA CREA-BOLD: Intensive Vivid Colour

8 brand new CREA-BOLD shades deliver bold, vibrant results for clients who can never get enough colour!

This shade line, a completely new shade line for the PCC range, includes the following:

  • Assortment of intermixable direct dyes that provide radiant results, boosted by shine-enhancing ingredients.
  • Semi-permanent results with up to 15 washes or eight washes for Pastel Lavender.
  • Easy to apply on their own, or can be mixed with the INDOLA Conditioner to soften the results.

Depending on hair porosity and how the colour is maintained at home. We recommend a colour shampoo and conditioner, along with a heat protection spray for maintenance at home.

BOLD RESULTS – Ready to use formula, paler the hair, brighter & truer to tone shade will be.

PASTER RESULTS – Mix with Indola Color Treatment for softer results & enhanced care effect. The paler the result, the shorter the longevity.

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INDOLA CREA-MIX: Infinite Colour Options

6 NEW CREA-MIX shades for all permanent and demi-permanent services that require tailor-made results:

  • Assortment of 5 mix tones (0.11, 0.22, 0.44, 0.66 and 0.99) providing vibrant results and one clear tone (0.0) with shine-enhancing apricot kernel oil.
  • Mix tones: intensify tonal directions, create new tailormade results or remove unwanted warm undertones.
  • The Clear (0.00): increases PCC lightning results and provides a natural-looking sunkissed effect.

Use Crea-Mix to achieve tailormade permanent or demi-permanent colour results. 1 clear tone with three functions: Lightening Booster, Tone Softener, and Sunkissed Effect (natural hair only).

Lightening Booster

  • 1 Part PCC.
  • 1 Part 0.00.
  • 2 Parts Developer (6% = 0.5 levels lift 9% – 1 level lift)

Tone Softener

  • PCC + 0.00.
  • Using the rule of 12 mixings.
  • Mix with 2%, 6%, or Colour Transformer.

Sunkissed Effect (natural hair only)

  • 0.00 + Colour Transformer.
  • 1:1 Mix = Upto 1.5 levels of lift on natural (uncoloured hair) for a sunkissed effect.

Perfect for customers’ first-ever colour experience as a soft entry into lightning.

INDOLA Service Essentials

INDOLA’s colour portfolio also includes Service Essentials to provide protection against two of the most unwanted colouration results.

INDOLA NN2 – Say goodbye to scalp staining and discomfort thanks to ONE colour additive in one product

No Pain, No Stain! Skin protection/Barrier Cream Say goodbye to scalp discomfort and staining!

Acts as a reliable barrier to reduce irritation & discomfort, especially for clients prone to sensitive or itchy scalps.

Indola NN2 250ml

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Key Features

  • Gentle enough to be used directly on the scalp and in the colour mixture! 
  • Prevents staining.
  • NEW FORMULA with algae oil, bisabolol and aloe vera leaf juice. Free from silicons, parabens and artificial colourants. Vegan formula.

How to use INDOLA NN2

  1. It can be intermixed with PCC, Blonde Expert Highlifts and Lightener.
  2. Apply directly on the skin as a barrier or mixed in the colour mixture.

INDOLA CC2 – A colour conditioning spray for the best shine and colour longevity, even on porous hair!

Key Features

  • Balances out the hair’s porous structure to support even colour results and great longevity.
  • 2-in-1 spray formulated with vegan keratin (hydrolysed soy protein) and vitamin E, with Integrated Hair Bond Technology.
  • Protects highly porous hair structures against further damage.
  • Free from parabens and artificial colourants.
  • Vegan formula.

Indola CC2 250ml

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How to use INDOLA CC2

  • Use before the colour service on highly porous hair to prepare your colouring canvas.
  • Use after the colour service on all hair types to provide shine, subtleness and combability.
  • Use at home as a non-overburdening conditioning spray to banish frizz and leave the hair smooth.
  1. Apply on dry hair and leave in.
  2. Apply on damp hair and use as a spray Leave in Conditioner for detangling effects.

INDOLA and the environment

INDOLA empowers hairdressers even further by helping to create a positive impact on the environment with vegan* formulas that use responsibly-sourced ingredients and Developer formulas produced in a plant – operating with 100% renewable electricity.


INDOLA is part of a global plan to reduce CO2 emissions in production by 65%**by 2025 and become climate positive in their own operations by 2030***.

*Formula without animal-derived ingredients.

**From our operations per ton of product (vs 2010).

***As a part of Henkel.


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