Today’s clients want to switch up their looks and express every shade of their personality without damaging their hair. The new mix-and-tone Schwarzkopf Chroma ID Express Bonding Color Masks are ideal for those clients looking for a low-commitment, nourishing colour.

The Chroma ID semi-permanent bonding colour masks offer maximum colour intensity and an intensively caring formula.

Why choose the Schwarzkopf Chroma ID Express Bonding Color Masks


Your clients can now dare to colour because Chroma ID Colour only lasts 15 washes!

Express services ✅

10-minute development time.

Integrated Fibrebond & Low Salt Technology ✅

The low salt technology maximises the pigment available to the hair to improve penetration and coverage and enhance colour results. The integrated fibre bond technology provides intense care by enforcing structural bonds and repairing damaged hair, leaving it smooth and conditioned.

100% customisable ✅

Full interminability within the portfolio.

Low commitment ✅

Lasts between 5-15 washes.

Vegan & PETA Certified Formula ✅

Without compromising on results.

Conditioning Formula ✅

This intensively caring bonding mask is enriched with Panthenol, which provides in-depth care and seals the outer cuticle for healthy-looking hair with incredible shine.

Schwarzkopf Chroma ID Express Bonding Color Masks Shade Assortment


How to use the Schwarzkopf Chroma ID Express Bonding Color Masks

  • Mix the recommended recipe with your CHROMA ID products and use the exact indicated mixing ratio.
  • The filling quantity should be at least 250g, as claimed on the packaging.
  • Stick the matching, ready-at-hand ingredients list label of the chosen shade onto the jar lid.
  • Close the lid properly.
  • Write the production batch codes of the used in-salon shade(s) onto the predefined empty space of the jar.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

1. Apply the mixture evenly on pre-washed and towel-dried hair.

2. Leave in to develop for 10 minutes (5 minutes for subtle, 20 minutes for intense colour result).

3. Rinse well until the water runs clear.

Schwarzkopf Chroma ID Bonding Semi-Permanent Hair Mask 

Schwarzkopf Chroma ID Bonding Semi Permanent Hair Mask



Popular Chroma ID creative mixes


“Mixing the 7-77 Bright Copper and Clear shades in equal parts is my winning formula!”



“My favourite Chroma ID mix is the blend of my 2 favourite shades: 50% of 9.5-19 Dusty Pink and 50% of 9-12 Platinum Grey!”


Chroma ID at Home Maintenance

Chroma ID is the ideal solution for intensifying and refreshing hair colour in between salon visits.

It refreshes dull mid-lengths and ends and increases the longevity of any colour.

Increase your client’s loyalty by offering exclusively customised shades for at-home colour refresh services.

From pastel to bold colours, from cool to warm tones, create up to 30 pre-defined mixes with your existing Chroma ID in-salon products.


Which factors impact the shade’s longevity?

Three main factors affect the shade’s longevity. The most important is the processing time, followed by the base level and hair quality. Keeping the mask on for the maximum time will allow you to achieve the most intense colour result and, therefore, increase longevity.

How do I know the exact colour result my client will have?

Chroma ID bonding masks are intensely pigmented, and therefore, the result can be different depending on the hair’s base colour. We have shade recommendations for each base level for the best colour results. If in doubt, please always do a strand test.

Is Chroma ID gentle on the skin?

Yes. Chroma ID is gentle on the hair and scalp because of the exceptionally caring formulas.