Here at Salons Direct, we notice time and time again that the barbering space is home to some of the most interesting and boundary pushing salon interiors.

In this months edition of Salon Design Of The Month, the team at Jack The Clipper take us inside their barbering salon to discover how their story began and what inspired the distinctive aesthetic rolled out across their 4 London salons.

Established in 1996 by London’s largest family of Turkish barbers, Jack The Clipper has since gone on to become the go-to destination for Londoners looking for a range of treatments including; ‘The Royal Ripper’ ‘Fade to Jack’ and ‘The King Whiskers’.

jack the clipper exterior

Tell us more about how Jack The Clipper began?

The name, a pun on the infamous Jack the Ripper of 19th Century London, owes itself to Hal’s first shop location in Whitechapel. Hal mentions: “It just seemed the obvious name! It was fun and it showed an awareness of our location. Shoreditch at the time wasn’t the cool haven you see today, but it still had huge cultural relevance and we wanted to honour that.”

The family-built brand has gone from strength to strength over the last two decades. As Shoreditch boomed so did the business, not only spreading across the capital but launching a grooming range, holding residencies in Ted Baker stores and creating collaborations with heritage brands such as Penhaligon’s all whilst employing  dozens of carefully-sought staff, who have been put through their paces under Hal’s watchful eye.

How does Jack The Clipper stand out from their competitors, especially in the LDN market?

Customers receive an entirely bespoke grooming experience at Jack’s. However, every experience shares our signature customs that have been inherited from traditional Turkish style treatments. Care and attention are crucial ingredients in our recipe for exceptional service.

The master barbers you see in our shops today all follow a high level of craftsmanship and a strict code of originality we carved into the brand from day 1.

jack the clipper interior

jack the clipper flooring

How did you decide upon the aesthetic of the salons? What inspired you?

Every move is calculated, considered and deliberate. Jack doesn’t choose any location to set up his chop shop; there is a historical and cultural significance to each of our grooming parlours. For example, our flagship branch is situated within earshot of the Bow Bells in Cheapside. We strategically set up locations where the story has meaning and connection to our heritage.

Tell us more about your most popular individual treatments?

Every style has a personality to match. At the moment we’d recommend The Jack Of Diamonds which is a very luxurious service at our award winning Bow Lane branch. Our Barbers are always ready to suggest the style that suits you best!

jack the clipper interior

jack the clipper interior

Where do you see the future of men’s grooming heading in the future?

Men’s grooming goes hand in hand with lifestyle brands. Gentlemen want to look proper and styled to perfection. The male grooming business is booming and we aim to become an integral part of the Gentlemen’s look. It’s hard to predict what is coming but we can guarantee we will be in the mix!

How does Jack The Clipper keep up to date with the latest trends from within the industry?

We’re constantly keeping an eye on art, fashion as well as our customers and their look. It is extremely important to be attentive and aware of your work and surroundings. Our customers allow us to grow and get better and better one cut at a time. Collaborating with different establishments and brands allows us to stay fresh. We’re not afraid to experiment. Progression is key.

jack the clipper interior

What do you think makes a successful barbering business in 2018?

We pride ourselves in offering the best barbering services in the land, to any gentleman who graces our doorstep. Barbering has always been an essential part of a gentleman’s look and cutting is in our DNA. It is important to be a close knit family who trust each other and take care of every little detail.

What is your biggest achievement to date?

One of the biggest achievements to date would be winning Retail Group’s “Best Store Concept” for our Bow Lane Flagship branch. A lot of work has gone into the design and development. The concepts were executed down to every bit of decoration and equipment. The store design was one of our most ambitious projects yet and it proved that we can achieve great things if we stay committed to the process. We created precise bespoke pieces such as our distressed mirrors made in India. Over the course of 2017, we worked tirelessly to achieve a high quality traditional barbershop set-up

jack the clipper barber interior

What advice can you give to other barbers wanting to open their own salon?

Believe in the vision and have the upmost respect for the craft! A lot of the hard work we’ve invested is to become the best barber shop. If you lack the passion, it’ll be impossible to succeed.

What is next for the brand?

Here at JTC we always aim for bigger, better, sharper and stronger. Our Bow Lane multi-level bespoke designed, grooming parlour is just the tip of a huge iceberg we are chipping away at to continue our track record and commercial success. Despite being a brand steeped in history and tradition, we keep our fingers firmly on the pulse of what’s cutting edge in the industry and elsewhere. We seek to expand, improve and innovate for decades to come; leaving behind a legacy far greater than even the ripper could’ve carved out for himself.

We believe we are going to be at the top of our industry and are always actively taking steps in fulfilling our mission by partnering up with the best businesses and collaborating with the finest designers around. We are planning to dig deeper into our heritage and open more shops which is going to solidify our vision.

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