We are continually excited by fresh and innovative salon interiors that not only give clients a more holistic experience when undertaking hair treatments, but also push the boundaries when it comes to interior design concepts.

This month our salon spotlight takes us to The Netherlands where we introduce you to Mogeen and the powerhouse entrepreneur behind it, Hester Wernert-Rijnsession stylist and Wella Professionals ambassador who created the Blondor White Light look.

Mogeen salon interior

Tell us more about how Mogeen started?

In October we will celebrate the ten year anniversary of Mogeen and I couldn’t be more proud. I started Mogeen because I truly wanted to make a difference by combining art, fashion & hairdressing together to provide a new vision and craftsmanship standard within the industry.

Mogeen is a salon where fashion & hairdressing come together. I have been travelling around the world for many years as a Wella Professionals Global Creative Artist and of course for fashion shows and shoots – it’s a privilege since it enabled me to learn so much from so many different hairdressers and the world of fashion. Among other things it made me not frightened of any hair type.

How does Mogeen stand out from its competitors?

I guess it’s the combination of the many years of experience the Mogeen team have, and they’ve all been with educated to my standards. One of the most important things is that you always stay in the process of learning, and never stop.

My team is in line with this vision and I stimulate them as much as possible so they can learn continuously in different fields this industry has to offer. For example, they assist me at shoots for magazines such as Numero, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, etc, at shows during Paris Fashion Week, at shows and presentations for Wella Professionals, at presentations for Balmain Hair and assist at the educational platform, the Mogeen Hair School.

What also makes Mogeen stand out is that, if suitable, we cut the customer’s hair when it is dry since you have the opportunity to see how a customer wears their hair. If you wash the hair straight away you will never see again how they truly wear their hair in their everyday life. So our approach is to cut 70% of customers’ hair when it is dry, wash and then blow dry before cutting the remaining 30%. This all in 45 minutes per customer. And, yes when it’s a bob like the iconic Vidal Sassoon cut, it needs to be washed first, but we still dry in between to see how the hair flows naturally.


How did you decide upon the aesthetic of the salon? What inspired you?

The elixir of Mogeen is the combination of art, fashion & hairdressing. Its aesthetics overall are in some way a reflection of me, the love I have for antiques, butterflies and plants are all integrated in the look of the salon. It’s important customers feel at home in the Mogeen salon, with comfortable Chesterfield couches, candles at the table filled with Chinese fortune cookies, etc.

People love this, it gives them a fresh start to the day followed by a beautiful haircut. Mogeen is all about beautiful, uncomplicated and sexy hair created within an artistic environment. 

You’ve been featured on Vogue, Elle and Glamour how did that exposure make you feel / help the salon?

It always makes you feel great and humble! I’m always grateful that I can do this job which never feels like work but more like my hobby because of my absolute love for hair in so many different ways.

Featuring in magazines gives me a thankful feeling, and of course it also makes me feel great and provides me the opportunity to inspire people with my creations. Because of my work as a hairstylist, it has a double effect on me and my salon. For example, it generates more exposure through interviews, which has a positive effect again on me and the salon. I guess since I practice different fields within the hairdressing industry, people are interested to read about me and my salon and would like to come in for a haircut, hair colouring or treatments.

Mogeen Salon

How does Mogeen keep up to date with the latest trends within the industry?

As a Wella Professionals Global Creative Artist I am fortunate to say that I have the opportunity to create campaigns, be in the process a year before the trend shows and always stay tuned. This in combination with my work for fashion shows and shoots. My girls assisting me in different fields and the trainings at the Mogeen salon keeps Mogeen in tune with the latest trends within the industry.

What do you think makes a successful salon?

I think if you if you stand out for what you believe in, what you love, what you are passionate about, make people feel welcome and, last but certainly not least, have good skills, you can make it happen. It’s the combination of hard work, loving what you do and always keep on training and learning no matter how old you are. Hair will never bore me, and it always inspires me to create new things.

And treat your staff how you want to be treated, with love, good training and give them a chance to explore themselves and to grow. This way you will have a strong and happy team – never stand in the way of development.

Mogeen salon interior

What is Mogeen’s biggest achievement to date?

After winning 20 awards and the winning of the hairdresser of the year awards last year for the third time, I joined the Hall of Fame. For me the competition is over, but my girls entered the competition for the upcoming Dutch Hairdressing Awards in May. I am so excited, I truly believe some of them have a good chance to win I think. But you never know, I keep my fingers crossed! Me not being in the competition anymore is a good thing,  as it’s about my staff now, and time for the new generation. In March the nominees will be presented so hopefully we know a bit more by then about the latest achievement of Mogeen.

What can we expect from Mogeen throughout 2017 and beyond?

Hopefully that me and my team will inspire other hairdressers around the world, and that in a few years from now Mogeen is known for its inspiration and approach within this industry.


Photographs: Caroline Westdijk

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