Operating a  thriving, successful salon is no mean feat. You could say you’re a professional plate spinner –  you’ve got the responsibility of the wellbeing and career progression of your staff, the day to day running of your salon ensuring supplies are purchased and stock levels are good, not to mention trying to keep clients on your books,  maintaining  a social media presence and keeping on top of the day-to-day salon maintenance. Phew! Salon owners, we take our hats off to you!

With this in mind it is likely that there are small things that clients notice, but you don’t. In today’s article, we identify these areas so you can keep a note and stay on top of the details you might otherwise miss.

Spend time in the areas where your clients will spend their time

Many clients will be taking the time spent in your salon to relax and zone out from their daily stresses – that isn’t to say that they won’t still be acutely observing their surroundings. Depending on the kind of salon you own, they’re most likely to be staring at the ceiling whilst lying on a treatment bed, or looking at the wall in front of them while getting their hair cut or coloured. With this in mind, ensure that your salon isn’t looking tired and tatty in these areas, instead it must be clean, free of paint chips, nicks and scuffs.

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Not only will this give a better impression of your salon, but it will also portray an attention to detail that is hugely important within an industry so focused on image and aesthetic. We have previously discussed the best ways to refresh your salon on a tight budget and we recommend checking out the linked article where we share the cheapest ways to freshen up paintwork and replace tired furniture. without breaking the bank!

It’s also worth ensuring that you keep an eye on the general cleanliness of the salon floor. Footfall is high, a high volume of clients and staff are passing through daily and there is likely to be a lot of excess hair or filings gathering on surfaces or on the floor. Make sure that a new client is not sitting around the by-product of the previous client’s treatment; this not only looks bad, but is also unhygienic. We have previously discussed the importance of hygiene within your salon, and whilst it might seem suitably obvious, during a busy day, these kind of things can often be overlooked. You might not notice while you’re busy, but clients will.

Keep a close eye on any staff disputes

Whilst it’s obvious that a high level of professionalism is expected from your staff, this is not always the case – especially within the tight knit, close proximity working space of a salon. If there are disputes  within the team, this can really show within the constraints of the salon floor. Especially when the environment tends to be naturally quite gossipy.

Clients will notice any ill feeling around the salon floor which can lead to them sensing a negative environment. As a salon owner, if you are aware that there is any potential conflict between staff, be sure to shake up the rota to avoid both parties working together and take action immediately. This is an area that will need to be treat carefully as you don’t want to lose out on any valuable staff or clients on their respective books.

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We all know that working days can be long and tiring, this can often show in body language, especially if your stylists have been on their feet all day, or your front desk receptionist is having a quieter day. Take a few moments to see how your staff are presenting themselves, make sure everyone is taking their entitled breaks and feeling good at work.

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