With an ‘anti-factory’ ideology at their foundation and established for those who are bored of blow dries and sick of standard salons, we recently caught up with Sophia Hilton, Director and mastermind behind Brick Lane’s game changing hair salon, Not Another Salon,

Not Another Salon is trail blazing the London salon scene with an ‘anti factory’ ideology… Could you tell us more about this ideology and how it arose?


In my life I’ve always celebrated individuality. I’ve always tried to encourage my friends to be comfortable in their own skin. For years as a teenager I was bullied for wanting to be unique.

In more recent years I’ve been contacted by other kids from back in the day that were going through a similar struggle. They told me that no matter what they saw me go through, they found personal strength when they saw that I never stopped being me.

I’ve always seemed to be the person that people open up to about everything from their sexuality or their home problems, because I don’t judge. So when it came to opening a salon, I wanted to extend that ideology to a no judgment policy. It’s a happy safe place to be yourself.


How do you think Not Another Salon stands apart from it’s competitors?

I think the no judgment policy is quite unique. Salons are intimidating and we all feel the pressure of walking in somewhere new. We have smiling faces, wagon wheels, Game Boys and popcorn. Everything to make you take life a little less seriously.

Your salon design is truly creative, what made you want to take such a quirky (and colourful!) route when it came to branding and interior aesthetics?

It was more about making the environment a happy one. I wanted it to constantly change and evolve and keep the clients excited to see what’s new. Plus, I’m not really sure why salons are always so neutral – after all, we sell colour!


How does Not Another Salon keep up to date with new hair trends?

These days, trends are spread fastest via Instagram. Instagram has been the biggest driving force of our business and I put a lot of time and energy into it. I really don’t feel we ‘keep up to date’, we’re just doing our own thing. I’ve never been one for following trends.

We spy our Lotus Phoenix Styling Chairs in the salon! How was your experience buying from Salons Direct?

I got a lot from a them when I was setting up the salon. They were good to me.


What do you think are the attributes that make a successful salon?

Never sleeping, never eating or having a life! Ha! Just kidding. I think the owner really has to care and love what they do. I’m 100% not in this for the money.


What can we expect from ‘Not Another Salon’ in 2016?

We are just about to have a party to reveal the interior of our toilet. Yes, you heard that right, The Not Another Salon toilet launch; Why the hell not eh?

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