When working with clients whose locks love to twist and twirl, finding the perfect products for curly hair can be a challenge as there is just so much choice out there. Well, fret not because we’ve done the legwork (or should we say curlwork?) for you.

Get ready to help your clients say goodbye to frizz and hello to glossy and bouncy curls with our guide on the best curly hair products for your salon.

Identifying Curl Types

Hair types are numbered Types 1-4, and the tightness, shape and looseness of somebody’s hair can also be further defined by the letters A, B, and C. Curly hair is Type 3, which can also be defined as Type 3A, Type 3B and Type 3C. Type 3 hair is all about those beautifully defined curls that start at the root. This hair type is usually lush and thick but can be prone to frizz.

Let’s take a look at the subtypes of Type 3 Curly Hair in more detail…

  • Type 3A has loose S-shaped curls.
  • Type 3B has got some more spring to it, with curls that start at the root and form fabulous spiral shapes.
  • And finally, we’ve got Type 3C, which is the tightest and bounciest of them all, resembling corkscrew curls. 

If you’re interested in reading more about the different types of hair, check out our previous post, Hair Types Explained: Determining your client’s hair type.

The Curly Girl Method

The Curly Girl Method is a hair care approach developed by Lorraine Massey, outlined in her book “Curly Girl: The Handbook.” It is designed specifically for individuals with naturally curly or wavy hair. It aims to promote healthier, more defined, and less frizzy curls by avoiding certain hair care practices and products that can be damaging to curly hair.

Educate your curly-haired clients with the fundamental principles of the Curly Girl Method…

Avoid Shampoo with Sulphates

Sulphates are harsh detergents commonly found in many shampoos. The ‘Curly Girl Method’ recommends using sulphate-free shampoos or co-washing (washing with conditioner) instead to avoid stripping curly hair of its natural oils.


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No Silicone Products

Silicone-based hair products can create a buildup on the hair that is difficult to remove without sulphates. The ‘Curly Girl Method’ encourages the use of silicone-free conditioners and styling products.

Avoid Heat Styling

Heat-styling tools such as straighteners and curling irons can damage curly hair. Embracing the natural curl pattern is encouraged.

Use of Conditioner

The method emphasises using a good quality conditioner to hydrate and define curls. 

Scrunching and Plopping

Techniques like scrunching (gently scrunching the hair upward to enhance curl definition) and plopping (wrapping hair in a T-shirt or microfiber towel to encourage curl formation) are recommended for styling.

Regular Trims

Getting regular haircuts or trims by stylists who understand curly hair is essential for clients to maintain healthy curls.

Detangling with Care

Detangling should be done gently and with fingers or a wide-toothed comb, ideally, while the hair is wet and conditioned.

Avoiding Brushes

Traditional brushes can disrupt curl patterns and create frizz. The ‘Curly Girl Method’ suggests using wide-toothed combs or specialised detangling brushes designed for curly hair.

The Curly Girl Method is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and your clients may need to experiment with different products and techniques to find what works best for their unique curl type and texture.

The Best Curly Hair Brands 

Here at Salons Direct, we stock a fantastic range of salon professional haircare suitable for your curly-haired clients to be used in the salon or as part of your salon retail offering.

Curl Wow

Curl Wow by Color Wow

Curl Wow contains ‘Naked Technology’, which means zero heaviness, greasiness, or stiffness. After using products from this range, your clients will have wonderfully natural, luscious, frizz-free, weightless curls. The secret behind Curl Wow’s ‘Naked technology’ is the Profaxil-18 ComplexTM, developed by Dr. Joe Cincotta in Color Wows’ in-house lab.

This complex breaks down the large particles in oils so that they can easily flow down the hair shaft and penetrate the cuticle. In addition, the MEA-18 component of this complex forms a weightless seal that locks in moisture, smooths frizz AND feels dry to the touch. 

Let’s take a look at some of the hero products from the range…

Color Wow Dream Coat for Curly Hair

Dreamcoat for curly hair




The Color Wow Dream Coat for Curly Hair is a specialised variant of the famous Dream Coat formula, specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of curly hair. This innovative product provides exceptional frizz control, humidity protection, and long-lasting curl definition.

By coating each strand with a weightless, invisible shield, Dream Coat for Curly Hair helps prevent frizz, enhances natural curls, and keeps hair hydrated and manageable throughout the day. It is a game-changer for individuals with curly hair.

Key Features:

  • Multi-award-winning ultra-light spray.
  • For glossy, defined waves and curls.
  • Creates frizz-free, bouncy, “no crunch” curls.

Curl Wow Snag Free Detangler

Curl wow snag free



Color Wow recommends conditioning curly hair BEFORE shampooing to prevent matting, tangles and breakage. Snag-free is distributed through wet hair (not massaged on the scalp). Its key ingredients include Pracaxi Oil and Coconut Oil, creating slip for easier shampooing, fresher results and reduced breakage.

Other Curl Wow products you can buy from Salons Direct


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As I am

As I Am is crafted with the finest natural ingredients and has been designed especially for women with naturally curly and coily hair textures. Their products are infused with natural wonders like coconut oil, shea butter, royal jelly, and botanical extracts, providing a gentle yet effective cleanse while delivering much-needed moisture.

As I Am Curl Clarity Shampoo

As I am curly claritySHOP NOW

The As I Am Curl Clarity Shampoo gently removes sebum, dirt, buildup, and environmental impurities from the hair and scalp.

Key Features:

  • Eases combing by 62%.
  • Leaves behind moisture, preventing hair from becoming dried out, rough looking and unmanageable.
  • Safe for colour-treated hair.
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free.
  • Sulphate, Parabens, Phthalate free.

As I Am Long & Luxe Curl Enhancing Smoothie

As I am long and luxeSHOP NOW

The Long & Luxe Curl Enhancing Smoothie Long & Luxe Curl Enhancing Smoothies is a hydrating leave-in styling cream that delivers hair definition twists and smooth, soft, and shiny curls.

Key Features:

  • Frizz-fighting, the no-flake formula moisturises and conditions hair.
  • Lightweight with no residue buildup.
  • Includes Aloe Vera, Biotin, Pomegranate and Passion Fruit.
Other As I Am products for curly hair that you can buy from Salons Direct


Developed by fellow curly girl Michele Scott-Lynch, Bouclème was created to cater to all curl types, ranging from gentle waves to tightly coiled locks. Their formulations use high-performance botanical actives such as Coconut Oil, Blue Agave, Kukui Nut Oils, and Aloe Vera. Each product within the straightforward 3-step regimen is designed to nourish and soften your clients curls, preserving their natural definition, health, and brilliant shine.

Bouclème Curl Cleanser

Bouclème Curl Cleanser


The Bouclème Curl Cleanser is a non-foaming gentle formula that is perfect for medium to thick curly hair, leaving it feeling healthy and hydrated.

Key Features:

  • Cleanses hair without stripping away moisture.
  • Formulated Aloe Vera to improve strength and growth and reduce breakage.
  • Protects against environmental damage.

Bouclème Curl Conditioner

Boucleme curl conditionerSHOP NOW

The Bouclème Curl Conditioner is an ultra-nourishing leave-in cream that brings moisture to dry and brittle curls for bouncy, soft results.

Key Features:

  • Humidity protection.
  • Seals in moisture to each strand.
  • Soothes itchy scalps.

Bouclème Curl Cream

Bouclème Curl Cream


Bouclème Curl Cream penetrates deep into the hair cuticle to replenish moisture in each strand without weighing it down for soft and shiny curls.

Key Features:

  • Strengthens and protects hair from environmental stressors.
  • Formulated with Argan oil to moisturise and condition dry hair and scalp.
  • Aids hair growth and cleans without stripping hair of essential oils.
Other Bouclème products for curly hair that you can buy from Salons Direct

Bouclème Curl Defining Gel

Bouclème Seal + Shield Curl Cream

Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly

Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly

Help your clients achieve frizz-free, well-defined, deeply moisturised, and lively curls with the Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly range. These products are your go-to solutions for eliminating frizz, providing manageability, and fostering the creation of vibrant, joyful curls.

Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly Kit

Curl Jelly KitSHOP NOW

Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly Kit includes everything needed to make sure curls are defined, nourished and frizz-free.

Kit includes:

Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly Intensive Mask

Curl Jelly Mask


  • Frizz-free results.
  • Safe for colour and chemically treated hair.
  • Hydrates and redefines curls.

Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly Wash Shampoo



  • Doesn’t strip the hair of essential oils.
  • Bouncy, light, and defined results.
  • Suitable for all wavy, curly and coily hair.

Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly Care Conditioner

Care Conditioner


  • Infused with vitamin B5.
  • Coats each strand for a weightless feeling.
  • Adds shine and enhances curl shape.

 Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly Refresh SprayCurl Reviving spay

  • De-frizzes.
  • Formulated with nourishing castor and lavender oils for shine.
  • Locks in moisture.

Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly Scrunching Jelly

Scrunching Jelly


  • Adds shine.
  • Medium Hold.
  • Curly girl-friendly.

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