Whether you’re thinking of giving your salon a fresh lick of paint, or wanting to invest in new furniture for a whole new look, the beginning of a new year is always a good time to start breathing new life into the interior of your salon. 

Here at Salons Direct we are sharing 5 simple steps that can be taken to give your salon a make-over ready for spring, whatever your budget.

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1. A paint job is always a good idea…

It may be that you are very accustomed to painting your clients’ nails or painting colour onto the ends of their hair, but have neglected the salon walls in a little while. We recommend giving your hair or beauty salon a paint job every few years or so as the walls are prone to building up product such as hair spray and can be often covered in hair dye stains or cracks from age.  A fresh lick of paint will make a noticeable difference to the brightness and overall look of cleanliness within your salon and is maintenance we cannot recommend enough.

2. Update your furniture…

Furniture can be the perfect way to update the overall look of your salon and whilst this is an investment, the presence of new pieces will not only change your salon’s aesthetic but also ensure that your salon cares about attention to detail as your furniture is not looking tired and over used.

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3. Add an accent wall…

A really easy and effective way to give your salon a refresh is to add a focal point of interest. You could keep it neutral by adding artwork, or painting it a bright block colour, or alternatively you could create a marketing area merchandising stock, or promotional prints from the brands you use and work with.

4. Re think your storage solutions…

Space saving can make your salon look and feel more spacious, so take advantage of clever storage solutions such as drawers and fixed units. Always ensure that tools are put away after use, as well as straightening up chairs and keeping work areas free of clutter.

We also recommend setting up ‘zones’ so that each treatment area of your salon has a clear, designated space and the place looks less busy and untidy. This is just a simple shake-up that costs nothing and can give your salon a face lift in seconds.

5. Re-design your window displays…

Even if you don’t want to spend money on updating the look of your salon by changing up your window display, your salon business is immediately looking fresher from the outside. Not only will this help existing clients to form a new opinion of your salon but can also potentially attract new clients too. You can easily redesign your window space by changing up promotional items, giving your front door a lick of paint or changing where you merchandise your retail products.

Investing in the appearance of your salon business is a worthy step when it comes to enhancing your clients’ experience. Your spring re-fresh will also give a good impression to new customers, which is likely to be apart of the reason why they return.