The demand for professional, skilled, and creative nail technicians is on the rise, and if you’re a passionate nail tech looking to elevate your income and expand your clientele, you’re in the right place.

In this blog post, we’ll explore ten effective strategies to boost your earnings and make a name for yourself in the competitive beauty industry.

From mastering new techniques to leveraging social media and offering upsells, these tips will enhance your financial prospects whilst elevating your status as a sought-after nail artist.

The role of a Nail Tech 💅

Nail technicians are crucial in the beauty and grooming industry, and if you’re considering training to become a nail tech, here is a little taste of what the role involves…

The primary responsibility of a nail tech includes providing nail care services such as manicures, pedicures, nail extensions, and nail art to their clients.

Nail techs are highly skilled in various techniques, including shaping, polishing, and nail art, as well as maintaining the overall health of the nails and surrounding skin.

Nail technicians are also responsible for staying updated on the beauty industry’s latest trends, tools, and products. They often speak to their clients to understand their preferences, offer recommendations, and create customised nail designs to meet their needs.

Customer service, hygiene, and attention to detail are also essential aspects of a nail tech’s role.

How much money can a Nail Tech make?💰

The income of a nail technician, like any profession, can vary based on several factors, including location, experience, skill level, clientele, and the specific salon or spa they work in.

As a rule of thumb, the following factors will affect your revenue…


Location: Your earning potential can be influenced by your geographic location. Salons in urban or affluent areas may offer higher prices for services, and nail techs there may have the opportunity to earn more.

Experience and Skill Level: Experienced and highly skilled nail technicians often command higher rates for their services. Continuous learning and staying updated on the latest trends can contribute to increased demand and higher earnings.

Clientele: Building a loyal and consistent clientele is crucial for a nail tech’s income. Repeat customers and positive word-of-mouth referrals can lead to a steady stream of business and potentially higher earnings.

Type of Salon: The type of salon or spa you work in can impact earnings. Upscale salons or those with a higher cost of living in the area may charge more for services, allowing nail techs to earn higher commissions.

Services Offered: Offering various services, including speciality treatments, nail art, and other enhancements, can contribute to increased earnings. Upselling additional services can also boost income.

Commission: Nail techs can also earn money through commission-based structures. This is where you’ll receive a percentage of the sales made on the retail items you upsell to clients.


How Can I Increase My Nail Salon Profit?

If you are an established nail tech, you may be wondering how to maximise your profits. We understand that with the cost of living increasing yearly, you may be looking to make a profit fast!

Here’s how to do it…

1. Raise your prices! 👛

Going straight in with the biggie. Increasing prices as a nail tech can be a delicate balance, but it’s possible to do so without losing clients if you approach it strategically.

Communicate in Advance

Provide your clients with notice before implementing any price increases. This can be done through signage in your salon, website, or individual communication.

Highlight Added Value

Emphasise any improvements or additional services you are introducing. This could include upgraded products, new techniques, or enhanced customer service.

Educate Clients

Explain the reasons behind the price increase. Share this information with your clients if you’ve invested in advanced training, upgraded your products, or improved your salon space. Many clients understand that quality services come with a cost.

Bundle Services

Create bundled service packages at a slightly discounted rate. This encourages clients to try additional services, and you can adjust the overall pricing to ensure you’re maintaining profitability.

Offer Loyalty Programs

Implement a loyalty program that rewards clients for their continued patronage. This could include discounts, free services after several visits, or exclusive promotion access.

Maintain Exceptional Service

Regardless of price changes, ensure that the quality of your service remains exceptional. Clients are more likely to accept higher prices if they feel they are getting value for their money.

Provide a Grace Period

Offer a grace period during which existing clients can still receive services at the old prices. This can help ease the transition and show appreciation for their loyalty.

Market Your Expertise

Highlight your expertise, certifications, and any unique skills you bring to the table. Clients often pay more for a skilled and experienced nail tech.

Ask for Feedback from your clients:

Engage with your clients and ask for their feedback on the proposed changes. This can provide valuable insights and make clients feel heard and involved in the decision-making process.

Communication is key when implementing price increases. By being transparent, emphasising added value, and maintaining a high standard of service, you can often increase prices without losing clients.

If raising your prices is something you’re focusing on at the moment, we recommend reading this article on how to increase your salon prices without losing clients.

2. Upsell your services 🆙

Upselling is a valuable strategy for nail technicians looking to increase their profitability for several reasons…

✅ Upselling encourages clients to spend more during their visit.

✅ Upselling allows you to showcase your expertise.

Recommending additional services or products demonstrates your expertise. It lets you showcase their knowledge of trends, techniques, and the best products for each client’s needs.

✅ Offering additional upsell services can enhance the overall client experience.

This can lead to increased satisfaction and loyalty, as clients feel they are receiving a comprehensive and personalised service.

✅ Upsells Boost Income Per Appointment.

Instead of relying solely on increasing the number of appointments, upselling allows nail techs to boost their income from each individual appointment.

This can be particularly beneficial during slower periods or when increasing the overall client base is challenging.

✅ Upselling provides a platform to introduce clients to new services or techniques.

This can be an effective way to diversify the services offered and stay ahead of industry trends.

✅ Cross-Sell Products

In addition to services, nail techs can upsell by recommending and selling related products, such as nail polishes, cuticle oils, or other grooming items. This increases revenue and gives clients the tools to maintain their nails between appointments.

✅ Build Client Trust

A well-executed upsell demonstrates that the nail tech has the client’s best interests in mind. This can build trust and contribute to a stronger client-technician relationship.

While upselling can be a powerful strategy, it’s important to approach it with sensitivity and genuine concern for the client’s needs. Providing personalised recommendations based on the client’s preferences and maintaining high customer service is essential for successful upselling.

3. Charge more for popular time slots 🕛

Charging more for popular time slots in a nail salon is a strategic approach that can help maximise profits.

Popular time slots often experience higher demand. By charging more during these peak hours, the salon can balance supply and demand, maximising revenue during times when there is increased customer interest.


Higher prices during peak hours can incentivise clients to consider booking appointments during off-peak times when prices are lower. This can help distribute customer demand more evenly throughout the day, making the most efficient use of resources.


Some clients may be more budget-conscious and prefer booking during off-peak hours to take advantage of lower prices. Offering tiered pricing provides flexibility for clients with varying preferences and budget considerations.

It’s important to implement tiered pricing with careful consideration of customer expectations and market conditions. Effective communication with clients about the pricing structure and the value they receive during peak hours is crucial to maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty.

4. Encourage your clients to visit your salon more often 💅

Encouraging clients to visit the salon more frequently involves a combination of excellent service, effective communication, and attractive incentives.

Here are some strategies to foster increased salon visits:

Rewarding Loyalty

Why not offer discounts, free services, or exclusive promotions for clients who frequent the salon regularly?


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Package Deals

Create package deals that bundle multiple services at a discounted rate. This encourages clients to try various services during a single visit and may entice them to return for similar packages.

How to leverage more profit for your salon through treatment packages

Reminder Systems

Implement an efficient reminder system for upcoming appointments. Send reminders via text, email, or phone to inform clients about their scheduled visits and encourage them to attend their appointments and avoid no-shows or forgotten appointments.


The best salon booking apps to use in your salon business

Special Occasion Promotions

Offer promotions or discounts for special occasions, such as birthdays or anniversaries. This celebrates clients and motivates them to choose your salon for their special day.


Seasonal Promotions

Introduce seasonal promotions or themed events that coincide with holidays or changing seasons. This adds a sense of excitement and gives clients a reason to visit the salon regularly to take advantage of special offers.

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Social Media Engagement

Use social media platforms to engage with clients and showcase your salon’s expertise. Share before-and-after photos, tutorials, and beauty tips to keep clients interested and eager to experience new services.


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Referral Programs

Establish referral programs that reward clients for bringing in new business. Offer discounts or free services for each new client referred, creating a win-win situation for existing clients and the salon.



Consistently delivering exceptional service, creating a welcoming atmosphere, and staying connected with clients through various channels are key factors in encouraging repeat visits to the salon.


4. Focus your efforts on building your social media

In the ever-evolving beauty industry, social media has become a powerful tool for nail technicians to showcase their artistic skills and significantly improve profits.

A well-crafted social media presence can increase visibility, client engagement, and business growth.

Firstly, leveraging platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok allows you to showcase your portfolio in a visually appealing way.

Posting high-quality images of nail designs, intricate artistry, and before-and-after transformations attracts potential clients and establishes your expertise and unique style.

Regularly updating social media feeds with fresh content keeps followers engaged and encourages them to consider the salon for their nail care needs.



Social media also provides an excellent platform for communication and customer interactions. You can engage with your audience by responding to comments, addressing queries, and encouraging clients to share their experiences.

This direct interaction fosters a sense of community and builds trust and loyalty among existing and potential clients. Positive online interactions can translate into increased bookings and repeat business, ultimately contributing to higher profits.


Collaborations and partnerships with other beauty influencers or businesses within the industry can also be facilitated through social media. By engaging in cross-promotions, you can expand their reach to a wider audience and tap into new client bases.


Discover Social media hacks to boost your salon business.

How can I increase my Nail Salon Profits?

6. Use an e-file for gel and acrylic removal

Glossify Round Edged Barrel E-file Bit Medium



If you currently use acetone to soak off your clients’ gel or acrylic nails, you’ll know how much time it can add to the appointment.

Also, did you know that acetone can dehydrate the nail, leading to nail separation? A speedier alternative that can actually help protect the natural nail is e-filing.

Many nail techs are put off from using an e-file because they feel like they can cause damage to the nail.

However, when used correctly, this isn’t the case at all. In fact, you only need to gently prep the new nail growth, meaning it doesn’t undergo any additional dehydration.

As e-filing is quicker, it also allows you to see more clients throughout the day, helping your business boost profit.

If you are still unsure about e-filing, take a look at our blog talking all things e-files with Willow – here, Lucy shares some more tips on safely using one on your clients!

7. Add a Builder Gel to your nail services

For clients who usually just get gel polish, why not ask them if they want to try builder gel?

Unlike regular gel polish, builder gels allow you to add thickness, length and additional strength to the nail.

So, it’s ideal for anyone who wishes their nails would grow a little bit longer. Some builder gels can simply be left as they are with a top coat for a natural finish – likeGlossify’s gorgeous range. Or, you can paint them with a different colour gel polish.

Glossify Naturabuild




Why should you try this? Some salons charge up to £5 more per treatment for using a builder gel over regular gel polish. So, you can maximise the profit you make on treatments as well as give clients an extra stunning manicure.

Check out our full guide to builder gels to learn more about them!


8. Improve your salon retail range

When done properly, salon retail can account for a significant portion of your profit. Even if half of your clients leave having bought an extra product that day, you can have a healthy second stream of revenue coming into your business.

One of the good things about nail services is that clients need products to care for their manicures at home. Having some cuticle oils or nourishing hand creams can make for an easy sell. The Naf! Stuff range includes some fun fragrances that can sell themselves to clients!

Or, why not have some bright-coloured nail polishes for clients to take home? Peacci nail polish matches the exact same shades as those from The GelBottle, so are great for a DIY pedicure.

9. Invest in your learning and development

By dedicating time and resources to learning new nail artistry techniques, product knowledge, and industry advancements, you improve the quality of your services and expand your service offerings.


Clients are often drawn to nail technicians who can provide a diverse range of services, including the latest trends and innovations.

This versatility not only attracts new clients seeking unique and trendy nail designs but also encourages existing clients to explore additional services during their salon visits.


Continuous learning also lets you stay ahead of industry trends, offering clients cutting-edge designs and styles.

Being able to provide sought-after and contemporary nail artistry increases the perceived value of the services, allowing you to justify higher prices for their expertise. Clients are often willing to pay a premium for the latest and most fashionable nail designs, contributing to increased revenue for the nail technician.

Investing in professional development, such as attending workshops and training sessions or obtaining advanced certifications, can also elevate your credibility and reputation within the industry. Accredited qualifications showcase a commitment to excellence and mastery of the craft, instilling confidence in clients.


As the beauty industry is highly influenced by social media and online platforms, sharing newly acquired skills, certifications, and completed courses on social media adds a personal touch and attracts clients keen on receiving services from a skilled and knowledgeable professional.


10. Don’t undersell your skills

The key way to ensure your nail business stays profitable is always to ensure that you are charging enough. If you are unsure, it might be a good time to reevaluate this.

If you have learned some new nail art techniques and skills, ensure you don’t undersell yourself.

If you are adding glitter, embellishments or ombre effects to your manicures, you first of all need to ensure you are covering any additional costs this includes.

Price enough to cover new supplies and additional polish you might have to use.

Depending on the nail art you have mastered, you could charge between £5 to £15 more. This could range anywhere from doing a couple of simple accent nails to detailed hand painting across the whole set.

Come up with a treatment menu that works for you, values your time correctly and leaves you with a good profit at the end of it!


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