How do you currently cut and fold your foils? The chances are, you’re not doing it as efficiently as if you had a Procare 24*7 Dispenser. Keep reading to discover all of the benefits you can gain from investing in this brilliant piece of equipment!

What is the Procare 24*7 Dispenser? 

The simple answer is that the Procare 24*7 Dispenser is the world’s only hair foil dispenser that can produce up to 50 perfect hair foils at the press of a button, saving you time & money!

  1. Simply choose the length of foil you want,
  2. Choose the size of the fold
  3. Enter the number of foils required….and the dispenser takes care of the rest.

This cost effective dispenser saves your salon wastage, reduces time spent on foil prep (almost to zero) and produces immaculately presented foils quickly and without fuss.

Not only that, but it can produce foil tailored to your preferred length and fold size. Plus foils can be custom made to any length and without a fold. 

Procare 24*7 Dispenser

Procare 24*7 Dispenser

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Since 2001 Procare has grown to be the leading manufacturer of hair foils and dispensing systems. They’ve reached the top spot because of their commitment to providing the best products possible. Which is why they’ve created world firsts such as the 24*7 Dispenser.

It’s a piece of equipment that no salon should be without. But, you might be wondering, aside from convenience, what other benefits will it provide? Well, let’s take a look…

The benefits of the Procare 24*7 Dispenser

Cutting and folding hair foils can be a tricky, time consuming process – and it’s all too easy to make a mess and have to start over! Luckily, the Procare 24*7 Dispenser eliminates these hassles.

Below are just a few of the benefits of investing in a Procare 24*7 Dispenser. 

Time and cost savings

Because the 24*7 Dispenser can produce up to 20 foils per minute, you’ll free up lots of time to do plenty of other profitable things in your salon. No longer will you have lots of your time tied up making foils!

But, just how big could your savings be with a 24*7 Dispenser? 

We’ve listed some of the potential savings you could be making in the table below:

Number of colours per week Number of foils used (approx) Time saved Reduced wastage Money saved Total savings
10 400 foils per week  1 hour, 19 minutes per week £0.32 per week £8.60 per week £8.92 per week / £463.84 per year
15 600 foils per week 2 hours £0.48 per week £12.90 per week £13.38 per week / £695.76 per year
20 800 foils per week 2 hours, 39 minutes £0.64 per week £17.20 per week £17.84 per week / £927.68 per year


As you can see, the savings soon add up!

Flexible settings

The Procare 24*7 Dispenser features a wide range of different settings, making it easy to completely customise your hair foils. 

These settings also make it easier than ever to produce consistently immaculate foils, making your salon look smarter and sleeker in the eyes of your clients. 

Hands-free hygiene

Without a doubt, the Procare 24*7 Dispenser offers the most hygienic way of producing hair foils.

Because of its hands-free operation, the 24*7 Dispenser will reassure your clients that your hair foils are the most hygienic and safest available. 

What comes in the box? 

The Procare 24*7 Dispenser comes with everything you need to get up and running straight away. Inside the box you’ll find the Dispenser, a power supply lead, a foil collection trail and a quick set-up guide.

The anatomy of the 24*7 Dispenser

The Procare 24*7 Dispenser is a straight-forward, easy to use device. As you can see from the diagrams below, it has been designed to be compact, and easy to refill and use. 

Top tips for using the 24*7 Dispenser

If you’re thinking of buying a Procare 24*7 Dispenser, then you may want to know some top tips for getting the very best out of it. 

We spoke to the team at Procare who provided us with the following top tips for the 24*7 Dispenser: 

  1. Make sure you turn the Dispenser on and off using the switch on the device rather than using the wall socket. This will prevent the Dispenser from being damaged by power surges.
  2. If your Dispenser appears to have no power, check the following things: the power lead is fully inserted; the plug is switched on at the power socket; the machine is switched on.
  3. Use the correct foil to get the best results. You should only use PROCARE 24*7 refill rolls – the 24*7 will not work with other foils. 
  4. You should always ensure that the foil is loaded and seated correctly inside the Dispenser. The foil core should fit snugly into the locators and should be level and run smoothly.
  5. When loading a new roll of foil, pull a short amount of foil out through the front of the Dispenser to ensure you cover the foil sensor. You want to pull out at least 5cms of foil.
  6. Don’t forget to lift the safety catch when lifting the lid. Also, be sure to close the lid with care (don’t allow it to drop shut).
  7. Do not use the Dispenser in temperatures above 25º.
  8. Occasionally wipe around the ‘mouth’ and inside the Dispenser body with a dry cloth. This will prevent the build up of static and remove any residual foil that may be present.
  9. On a periodic basis you should wipe over the 4 internal rollers and ensure that the inside of the 24*7 Dispenser is free of hair and other detritus.
  10. If the reload light comes on, try pressing the reset button before checking anything else. 

Tip – to ensure your 24*7 Dispenser performs at its best, remove any foil residue from the rollers after every use. Failure to keep the rollers clean can lead to the 24*7 Dispenser jamming. 

Follow all of those tips and you’ll be producing perfect hair foils in no time!

Procare 24*7 Dispenser

Procare 24*7 Dispenser

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Stock up on refills!

There’s nothing worse than running out of hair foils, especially if you’ve got a client coming in for a colour!

So, make sure you have stock up on Procare’s silver foil refills. Here at Salons Direct we stock two different types, so even if you need extra-wide hair foils, we’ve got you covered!

Procare 247 Silver Foil Refill 100mm x 500m

Procare 247 Silver Foil Refill

Procare 247 Silver Foil Refill 100mm x 500m

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This premium Procare 24*7 Foil Refill is designed specifically for the 24*7 Dispenser and comes pre-prepared on an easy fit core, to ensure you can’t put it in the dispenser in the wrong way!

Procare 247 Silver Foil Refill 120mm x 500m

Procare 247 Silver Foil Refill

Procare 247 Silver Foil Refill 120mm x 500m

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This Procare 24*7 dispenser foil refill is extra wide which makes it ideally suited to specialist colouring techniques. As with other Procare Silver Foil Refills, this refill is supplied ready fitted to an easy fit core, making it super simple to add to your dispenser!

Enhance your salon today

We hope you’ve found our overview of Procare’s 24*7 Dispenser helpful. We’re sure you’ll agree, it’s a fantastic little machine that’ll make your life a whole lot easier. Not only that, but for an initial investment, it’ll save you money over the long term. So, why not buy one today and make your colours so much easier!

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