Here at Salons Direct, we love bringing you closer to the brands you work with day in, day out. In this month’s edition of ‘Brand Spotlight,’ we speak to the team behind Procare to discover more about the brand and what led them to create their bestselling hair colour foils, wraps and dispensers!

The Procare 247 Foil Machine

Procare 247 Foil Machine

Before we get chatting to the Procare team, we thought we’f tell you more about their best selling product, the 247 foil dispenser. Perfect for busy salons and for ensuring the best hygiene practices, the 247 foil machine automates your foil cutting process, giving you the perfect sizes almost instantly at the touch of a button.

There are plenty of benefits salons can enjoy with the Procare 247, such as:

  • Time saving for both the colourist and client
  • Reduced risk of cross contamination as each stylist can have their own tray of pre-cut foils
  • Most hygienic way to prepare and dispense foils



A moment with the team behind Procare foils and dispensers…

Tell us more about how and why Procare began?

It was a happy accident for us, our sister company Wrapex manufactures films, foils and baking papers for the catering sector and back in 2003 we acquired a company to grow our catering business.  This newly acquired company also supplied a limited number of customers with hair foil (hairdressing was a sector we hadn’t considered previously) so we investigated further and decided to invest in new design and to improve the formulation of the product, specifically to suit the colouring agents used when bleaching or colouring hair.

We instantly fell in love with the hairdressing industry and the exciting possibilities it offered us.  The Procare brand grew rapidly and we haven’t looked back. 15 years later we now offer a full complement of foils, dispensers and alternative colour placement products such as Meche, Ultralight Foam Wraps and Balayage Films and Dispensers.

How does Procare stay competitive within the industry?

We work incredibly hard to source the right materials and to achieve the consistently high quality that we are known for.  We manufacture here in the UK and are rigorous in our quality control and manufacturing process. We also have a brilliant team in our office and production facility who work amazingly well together – which means we run a tight but happy and productive ship.

How have trends within the colour application business evolved over the years?

We aren’t hairdressers, but take our lead from the creative challenges and demands set by the movers and shakers in the industry, the hairdressers and colour technicians who actually work with our products – how colour is placed in the hair, the method of application and the results they are looking to achieve.

A great example is the recent rise in popularity of freehand colouring methods such as ombre, balayage and foliage which led directly to us developing balayage films and a dedicated dispensing system with the world renowned balayage expert Jack Howard.  

Jack helped guide us with his ideas for a film that would be ideal to work with. We then sourced, formulated and manufactured the perfect film for colour application.  It works effortlessly with our robust balayage dispenser (simply pull and press for a perfectly cut film at whatever length suits you) and is the professional alternative to using food-based films which can be hard to cut and work with.  We were able to draw on Jack’s expertise and knowledge to create something both he and Procare are truly happy with and which our end users have given us nothing but positive feedback on.

What do you think sets Procare apart from their main competitors?

We are genuinely dedicated to providing the best quality products and maintaining our consistency.  We source ethically and in the most sustainable way we can. For the hairdressers and colour technicians who use our products, we believe our dispensing systems really do make a difference to their working practice, eliminating the hassle of foil preparation and saving them time and money whilst reducing wasted product.

Using the 24*7 Fully Automatic Hair Foil Dispenser, for example, means that time spent prepping foil is virtually nil, up to 99 foils are perfectly dispensed with a simple press of the start button and wastage becomes a thing of the past.


What has been the brand’s greatest success?

Acceptance into the hairdressing market spurred us on and helped us achieve more.  We have the most amazing distributors who really welcomed and supported us and the colour technicians and hairdressers who use our products have inspired us to create new innovations, which have then been beneficial both for them in the salon and instrumental for us in furthering our brand.

Maintaining quality has definitely been key and is something we work on constantly, we never, ever go for the cheap or easy option, we source, buy and manufacture the best we can.  

A quality foil not only gives peace of mind when working with colouring agents but also allows the user to focus on the working method, effectively forgetting the foil and giving the freedom to create.  Procare foils are specifically formulated to be safe when working with colouring agents and to allow you to get closer to the root.


Why should people use Procare?

For peace of mind and creative freedom. We are British manufacturers (our Bristol based warehouse, office and manufacturing plant employ over 50 people) who source ethically.   When you buy from Procare you know the quality will be exceptional and on the rare occasion, you experience a problem you know where we are. We answer the phone and we sort it for you.


What are your best-selling products?

Without a doubt the 24*7 fully automatic hair foil dispensing system and refill foils.  Foil remains the preferred method of colour application due to its’ heat retention, flexibility, creativity (in terms of placement etc) and a secure hold during development. Our key tip to anyone who uses foil is to make sure you also use a dispenser – it will repay the initial investment in a very short period of time and makse the preparation process so much quicker and easier whilst promoting a professional image to clients.  Gone are the days of juniors spending hours in a hot back room tearing foil manually.

What’s next for the brand?

Our mantra at Procare is ‘freedom to create’.  This is our touchstone when creating new products and when sourcing the material for our existing ranges.  Everything we manufacture should offer the colour technician working with it an easier and more creative experience. We started Procare with the belief that if we provided the best products we could, which would truly help hairdressers and colour technicians focus on the creative process rather than the materials and tools being used, we would then be offering something they would want to buy.  We still hold true to that today – ‘freedom to create’.

Right now, we are working on (and REALLY enjoying) our social media platforms as a way to engage with salons, hairdressers, technicians –  and we are delighted by the successes of our clients. Seeing their results which we have been part of the process of is something we truly feel proud of and appreciate.


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