Talk to any barber about their favourite brand of clippers or trimmers and it’s likely that you’ll hear one name mentioned again and again: Wahl. Having been in business for nearly a century, it has carefully developed its product range over they years to consistently offer quality hair clippers at an affordable price point.

In this post, we conducted a quick interview with the team at Wahl to find out more about the heritage of the brand, its greatest successes and what we should be looking forward to in the future.

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Tell us more about how Wahl became industry innovators in salon electrical equipment?

The first electromagnetic clipper was invented by Leo J. Wahl in 1919. Since then, we have always ensured every product that leaves the Wahl factory meets the demands of barbers and hairdressers across the globe. We are never standing still, always improving every clipper, trimmer or blade and the parts that go with them.

How does the process work from idea inception to stylists using the products?


Without getting too technical or specific, it’s really all about researching what the stylists want and how a product could improve the way they work. Our success has been built on delivering products that the stylist can trust to work for them, so our products can go through years of testing before being brought to market.

Wahl Training Academy

What has been the brand’s greatest success? Product? A campaign, perhaps?


Look no further than our range of cordless and taper products. The Super Taper has been a major product in the UK for as long as I can remember, becoming the industry standard clipper. It’s effectively a brand on its own!

What are your best selling products, why do you think that is?


All of our cordless range of clippers and trimmers are huge sellers. The stylists love the freedom of no wires. Top of the pile would have to be the Magic Clip Cordless, much like the Super Taper, it has become the go to tool for barbers when it comes to blending and fading. The staggered teeth on the blade ensure a smooth cut with no visible lines.

Wahl Cordless Clipper

How have you continued to help make your products more environmentally friendly?


Wahl work hard to ensure we are an environmentally friendly business. This ranges from recycling all returned products to reducing our carbon footprint as a company with small changes like reducing waste and improving efficiency.

What does Wahl have in-store for 2017 and beyond?


We have some HUGE product launches planned for later in 2017. Honestly can’t reveal too much, but we are talking game changing products! We have just launched our brand new college education programme Men’s Method, which is aimed at equipping colleges with all the tools to educate the next generation of barbers. Have a watch of the video for more info:

One of the most popular Wahl products with customers here at Salons Direct is the Wahl Super Taper Clipper. It’s one of the best selling mains clippers in the UK, and is capable of delivering quality results time and time again without having to break the bank. It even comes complete with a blade guard, four comb attachments, clipper oil and a cleaning brush so you can effectively maintain it and keep it running for longer.

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