The salon industry is such a diverse and varied market with so many different salons specialising in a number of areas from hair colouring, to creative cuts.  Whilst this is great,  it can be difficult to keep up with what each sector is doing. We caught up with Jess Cruz, bleach specialist at Not Another Salon to find out what it’s like to be a colourist at the London-based salon.

A day in the life of a Not Another Salon colourist can be…

A whirlwind of fun, excitement, and intensity. The whole team’s skill level is varied throughout but incredibly high, for me in particular, I specialise in bleaching and creative work. I work on anything from icy blondes, to oil slick ribbons, to a neon yellow, to an orange colour bleed. We couldn’t do what we do without our amazing juniors -so shout out to them too.

A typical day usually involves…

Two colour changes, with a couple of root bleaches or creative colour in between and throw in a couple of consultations. Everyday is full on but I love it. I guess you could say if I wasn’t fully booked I wouldn’t really know how to manage my day. I can honestly trust and rely on every single team member, and that could be for a second opinion on toner to a little motivational chat/cuddle/food share in the back room after I’ve had 4 bleaches back to back with a colour change in between. For many of you hairdressers you see us like the Disney land of hair salons with the bright colours, lights and glitter, it is but it’s hard work.

Where does your inspiration come from?

I find a lot of my inspiration comes from the people around me, colleagues and clients, travelling and of course Instagram. One page in particular @lisamcconniffe is a big inspo.

I get asked what the no judgement policy is. And honestly it’s one of my favourite things about the salon. I get to come to work everyday and be who ever I want to be, and that reflects in my clients, they get to come to the salon and be whoever they want to be. For me that’s one of the most important aspects of Not Another Salon. To me I feel like that’s one of the most important things you should practice in your everyday life, even I worry that people judge me for the way I look or the way I am; I’ve always done things a bit differently. And that’s almost celebrated at the salon of the hairdressing misfits!

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