Salons and clients alike have been loving Goldwell Professional hair colour for years. Their colour systems include the iconic Goldwell Colorance, Goldwell Topchic and Pure Pigments – which are all now joined by the fantastic Goldwell Elumen colour range online at Salons Direct!

Offering full flexibility to create anything from semi-permanent shades to long-lasting colours, Elumen is a direct dye designed with creative colourists and highly personalised tones in mind.

So, to make sure you have all the information you need for your salon, we caught up with Goldwell to fill us in more on the brilliance of the Elumen hair colour system.

Did you know that the pandemic has created a change in women’s hair care attitudes and behaviours?

Here’s what we know…

💡 Managing grey hair is still a top concern.

💡 Over half of UK women are embracing their natural hair.

💡 The consumer’s overall priority is to have healthy, natural-looking hair.

What makes Goldwell Elumen hair colour different from other hair colours on the market?

Elumen is a permanent direct dye, which is non-oxidative and ammonia-free. With an intermixable colour palette, clients can expect long-lasting colours with exceptional durability.

Its remarkable technology means Elumen is a physical colour. So, it works entirely without peroxide, ammonia and ammonia odour, but still achieves intense and brilliant colour results, exceptional shine and durability while actively repairing the condition of your hair.


Elumen achieves up to 76% more colour intensity, 20% longer durability,* and up to 37% more shine**.


No patch test is required. (A patch test by a dermatologist is recommended if your client has had any reaction to oxidative dyes in the past).

✅ Elumen is an alternative for clients with scalp sensitivity to conventual oxidative colours.

✅ Significantly reduces the risk of developing an allergy to hair dyes.

*Based on a Chroma measurement compared to representative shades of competitor’s oxidative colours.
**Based on a Shine-measurement compared to representative shades of competitor’s demi-permanent hair colours.

Who is Elumen for?

The Sensitive Client who is sensitive to conventional oxidative colour.

The Natural Client – Gain up to 100% white hair coverage using the NN shades.

The Colour-shy Client – Gloss the natural hair with Clear.

The Statement Client – Bold, vivid customers who like to stand out from the crowd.

The Free-From Client – Ammonia and oxidant-free vegan formula.

The Tourist Client – Walk-in customers that want on-the-day colour.

The Multi-Dimensional Client – Balayage or highlight clients that want to refresh without the foil.

The Repair Client – Reap the benefits of the diamond repair technology and shine.

How does Elumen benefit you as a stylist?

✅ Colour without a need for peroxide.

✅ Formulated with no ammonia.

✅ Up to 100% white hair coverage.

✅ An intermixable palette of colour.

✅ Up to 76% more colour intensity and 37% more shine.

✅ Durable colour results, which last up to 20% longer than oxidative colour.

What is the difference between Goldwell Elumen and Goldwell Elumen Play?



Elumen Play offers all of the benefits of shine and silkiness of Elumen, but it is designed for your clients who like to experiment and change their hair colour often.

Elumen is a long-lasting colour with exceptional durability, with a total of 34 shades.

Elumen Play is made to fade and designed for a new generation of creatives. Lasting up to 10-15 washes, the semi-permanent technology allows it to fade up to 100% on tone. It’s designed for colourists to be creative, mixing and matching 17 colourful shades, including pures, pastels and metallics.

What are the best-selling shades that every salon should stock?

The 34 shades in Elumen give plenty of choice. They range from vibrant and bright colour to shades for clients wanting something more natural looking from the range of warm and cool fashion shades, all with amazing shine.

Take a look at the Elumen shade chart here…

Elumen shade chart

#GoGorgeous Autumn Shades

Does Goldwell Elumen cover grey hairs?

Yes! You can achieve up to 100% grey hair coverage with two new Goldwell Elumen natural shades, NN@6 and NN@8, which you use to mix with any fashion shade in the assortment.

How long can clients expect their Goldwell Elumen colour to last?

Elumen is a permanent non-oxidative colour, so as long as you are using the Elumen shampoo and Elumen conditioner and ensuring proper home maintenance for coloured hair, it will stay in the hair.


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Do you have any expert advice for how to use Goldwell Elumen for the best results?

The key with Elumen is simply to follow the recommended steps accurately.

Elumen Supporting Products

1. Prepare


First, prepare the hair with Elumen Prepare by spraying on towel-dried hair or on dry hair until moist. This puts the hair in to the receptive state for Elumen.

2. Apply


Apply plenty of Elumen colour, do not be shy! Saturate the hair completely. It needs to stay glossy and shiny during the development, if it dries out it will not be able to do its job as successfully.

You can use Elumen Thickener to customise the gel consistency to your liking. Leave the dye on the hair for 30 minutes or 20 minutes with heat.

3. Lock


At the locking stage, towel dry thoroughly to fluffy dry before applying Elumen Lock and set the timer for 5 minutes. Follow with Elumen conditioner.

4. Return

Goldwell Elumen Care ReturnSHOP NOW

Use the Hair Color Reducer to reduce the colour immediately after colouration with Elumen.

5. Clean


When rinsing, ensure you lift the hair away from the head and ensure you do this in hard-to-reach places until the water runs clear. You don’t need to emulsify it. Remove any stains using Elumen Clean.

Recommend Elumen Care shampoos, conditioners and treatments to your clients, so they can maintain the exceptional colour brilliance & vibrancy.

Further support

Expand your colouring, cutting and styling skills and get 24/7 access to inspiration using the Goldwell Education Plus YouTube channel. Subscribe to see a mix of trends, how-tos and salon services from global top artists, updated regularly. Alternatively, download the Goldwell Education Plus App from the app store.

How do you make sure your range keeps up with the latest hair trends?

Goldwell is globally renowned for creating innovative new products and services each year, with a strong legacy of research and development.

Goldwell partners with some of the world’s foremost fashion and trend experts to bring a comprehensive style statement for the upcoming year. This includes inspirational editorial and couture collections, ground-breaking new product developments, and innovative commercial colour services.

Learn more about Goldwell’s trend statements here.

Elumen Blue Hair

Why do you think Goldwell Elumen is perfect for today’s salon client?

For many years, colourists and clients have been choosing Elumen for long-lasting, intense and brilliant colour results with exceptional shine and durability while actively repairing the condition of your hair. There’s simply nothing else like it!

Still not convinced? Search #elumenator to see the results from our global community of Goldwell Elumen colourists!


Discover the full Goldwell Elumen range online today at Salons Direct!

You can also explore all of our permanent hair colour and semi-permanent hair colours.

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