What is ColorMap?

ColorMap is 14-page swatch book, with 7 coloured pages that represent the underlying tones of hair pigments and shades of blonde. Exclusive to Salons Direct in the UK, it is a great tool for stylists to use when formulating colour, and managing client expectations during a consultation.

Utilising ColorMap sheets will result in more ‘hole-in-one’ colour corrections and/or applications, preventing unnecessary damage to clients’ hair.

Why you need ColorMap Swatch Book:

  • Enables the stylist to test various colour brands to determine which one would be appropriate for particular colour application scenarios
  • Allows the stylist to customise colour combinations in order to enhance or cancel out unwanted tones
  • Saves time by being able to see every colour outcome before application
  • A great tool to help educate clients on colour theory during the consultation. Its use, its purpose and its importance
  • The perforated paper within the swatch book makes it easier to match the client’s hair colour and makes saving colour formulas simple.
  • The swatch sheet can be torn off and used as a sample to show and discuss the colour outcome with clients
  • It works as a guide for hair stylists by allowing them to analyse colour process at every stage
  • The ColorMap swatch book is ideal when colour shifting, by applying the previous tone to the white sheet first then formulating on top of it first.

ColorMap with Oxidative Colours and Flash Toners:

  • As rinsing or shampooing pages is not suggested, the colour will process to its full potential.
  • The swatch is used more as a visual aid with oxidative colours and flash toners, not as true to tone like it would be with a direct dye, allowing stylist and clients to attain realistic expectations for colour results, as well as reach desired colour shades and tones.

ColorMap with colour corrections:

  • Use ColorMap to see if the colour will cover up or cancel out the client’s underlying tone
  • When managing your client’s unrealistic expectation and explaining that their hair cannot have this certain colour in this sitting, use ColorMap to educate them that it’s part of a process.
  • It’s a great tool to use to show clients/stylists how light the hair needs to be for the colour of their choice.
  • When the client has unwanted tones, ColorMap can be used to show the tones of semi-permanent colours on pre-lighted hair and see if they will tone them out.