Sustainability in the salon industry is a hot topic in 2019, and one we’ve previously explored in this article: ‘How to make your salon business more eco-friendly and sustainable‘. But what about the tangible benefits of saving energy in your salon? And more specifically what are the best ways to save money and reduce energy wastage?

It’s time to take action in your salon or barbershop business and do your bit to reduce energy consumption. In today’s article, we’ll be discussing the quick and easy things you can do to start saving energy whilst being more mindful of the environment.

Start with your lighting solutions

It’s important that your salon is well lit so that your staff can do their jobs properly and in the best conditions. This is especially the case for technical hair colour, nail treatments and hair cuts whereby precision is key! When it comes to saving energy, lighting is a great place to start. Switch up any inefficient halogen bulbs for eco-friendly LEDs, or more energy efficient bulbs.

Don’t forget to switch off your tools

It may seem obvious but tools and equipment left on standby is a sure fire way to romp through energy.  Ensure that all tools are switched off at the mains when they aren’t being used, it’s easy to forget when you’re busy dealing with clients, but it will make all the difference.

Turn down the heat

An easy way to save energy daily is to reduce your heating by 1-2°C. Your salon sees a lot of activity all day, every day and it is bound to get warm. This is particularly the case if you’re working in a hair salon. With the heat of the hairdryers, it’s unlikely that anybody will notice a difference in the temperature anyway.

Likewise, be mindful of air conditioning which can hit your energy bill hard. Getting the temperature right in your salon is challenging, but where possible try to open windows and doors, and only opt for air conditioning when the temperature soars above 25°C.

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Maintain your boiler and switch energy providers!

We’ve previously discussed the importance of maintaining your boiler, as it can be the greatest source of energy wastage. Book in for regular maintenance carried out on your boiler to ensure it is running optimally. You could see a big difference in your annual energy bill. And have you considered switching providers? Think about your personal energy bills, you wouldn’t stay with the same energy provider if you could find a better rate. Dedicate the time to sit and research where you could be saving money via your electricity provider.

Limit laundry loads and wash cooler

Where possible, wash salon laundry such as towels on a cold or cooler wash. Of course, salon hygiene is incredibly important, so it may be that you prefer to wash on a hot wash, to save energy try to rinse at a cooler temperature.

With climate change an ever-present concern for our planet, it’s important to be doing our bit – not only will this help ourselves, but it will also help the bigger picture when it comes to sustainability in the salon industry.

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