As well as increasing clientele and providing an unbeatable service, sustainability should be at the core of your offering in your salon. It’s imperative that you’re working around the clock to ensure you’re reducing the impact your salon has on the planet. Whether this is through conserving energy, going paperless, or even introducing a recycling scheme, there are many ways a salon can become more sustainable, and we’re here to give you advice on how.

At Salons Direct, we’re proud to announce our partnership with Recycle My Salon, a revolutionary non-profit organisation which will transform the way you recycle your salon products.

Want to know more? Keep reading this lengthy guide and invest your efforts today to make a better future.

What Is Salon Waste Management and Why Is It Important?

Within salons, waste is encountered every single day. General waste can traditionally consist of hair, nails, general dirt, and even food and drink waste, whereas Clinical waste is the rubbish produced from salon-used products such as empty cans, bottles, packages, etc.

According to Zolmi (2022), the beauty industry generates about 421,000 pounds of waste daily, and within a year, salons send 150 million pounds of waste to landfills. This highlights just how important it is for salons to focus their efforts on waste management, so collectively we can bring this number down and begin looking at a brighter future.

What Is Recycle My Salon?

Recycle My Salon is a non-profit initiative brought to you by the HBSA, aiming to tackle the ever-growing waste problem in salons. It’s a recycling scheme which is available to recycle aluminium colour tubes, foils, aerosols, and cans.



‘We believe that doing the right thing should be accessible to all, and not for profit. That’s why we have created a not-for-profit hair salon waste recycling scheme. We also believe in getting things right. While we are staring small with an aluminium only recycling offer, we plan on getting it right, before offering multiple recycling streams in the years to come.’


Customers are also demanding this from salons to illustrate their efforts to become more sustainable. In an interview with Schwarzkopf Professionals Richard Thomasson, he talks about the importance of offering this for your clientele:



In short, yes. I think from two directions, one from our industry itself, hairdressers want more and more vegan and sustainable products and they want to understand these recycling options. Then the second route for this information is the broader market research that the company does which is exactly what you just said. The younger generations are motivators for buying a product or working with a certain company which is really quite different to previous generations. Sustainability is a real topic for people. I think businesses have a responsibility to be sustainable, I think a lot do it because it’s the right thing to do but also it’s what the consumers are demanding so they have to respond to and respect that. So it’s coming through in various different streams.

How does Recycle My Salon work?

You wouldn’t believe how easy it is for Recycle My Salon to dispose of your salon waste! Check out this step by step below of how they run their organisation.

What Can I Recycle?

Looking for a checklist of things you can recycle in your bin? We’ve created a mini checklist below which you can refer back to when disposing of your salon products.

How Can I Begin My Recycle My Salon Journey?

Becoming a more sustainable salon is a gradual process, we all have to begin somewhere! When implementing a scheme, such as Recycle My Salon, you’re demonstrating to current and potential clients that you care about sustainability and are doing better to help the environment.

If you’re interested in getting involved today, we’ve got everything you need right on our website. Click the link below and start your journey today.

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