Take a moment: what do you think of when you hear the words ‘Danger Jones’?

To us, we think bold, innovative, daring, and untouchable…and that pretty much sums up Danger Jones Creative in a nutshell. A bold, daring brand ready to take the UK hair industry by storm. Is it time you tried out a new hair colour brand in your salon? 🎨🖌️

Who is Danger Jones?

Founded by David & Alexis Thurston, Danger Jones is a new brand creating art through professional hair colour and edgy fashion lines. Their company values are fueled by the fact that they’re not here to just create products that are going to ‘sell’ to a targeted audience, they’re here to use their expertise and knowledge to produce the best stuff possible, and for other professionals to experience and connect with. Danger Jones is more about just a product, they’re focused on building the artist community and providing a space for like-minded individuals to connect and feel a sense of belonging.

David and Alexis have assembled a team of badass collaborators who enjoy creating art. They’re passions drive their excellence and they don’t see working at Danger Jones as a job, more such a never-ending art project to nurture.


Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Team shot of Danger Jones

‘We believe there is a better way’

Over the last few years, the industry has generally focused on cutting costs. Companies cheapened their formulations and packaging, disappeared from hair shows, replaced most of their in-person education with digital, shrunk of disbanded their communities, and stopped creating opportunities for artists to grow through their companies.

Danger Jones are not about cutting costs, but increasing quality. 

They use premium formulations and create elevated packaging. You’ll always find them providing in-person education & supporting independent education at all costs. In everything that they do, their focus is to increase quality, because they know there is a better way.

What makes Danger Jones Hair Colour different?

Danger Jones has produced a line of semi-permanent hair colour shades. They promise vibrancy & a beautiful fade every time. Here’s a deeper look into why Danger Jones Hair Colour is different from competitors 👇

The Packaging 

Each shade from the Danger Jones hair colour collection boasts a unique packaging cover. They worked with a range of independent artists to create illustrated gig style posters for a fake band call ‘Danger Jones’ – pretty cool? The exquisite designs are eye-catching and great for showcasing in the salon.

Danger Jones packaging examples

Not only this, they’ve invested heavily in the feel of the packaging. When you pick up your first Danger Jones hair colour shade, you’ll notice they haven’t cut any costs with how it feels in your hand. The small hair colour box has a soft-touch effect that makes the packaging feel that extra bit premium.

Danger Jones are about listening to artists and understanding their needs & wants, and that’s exactly why they showed the colour chart on the back of the packaging. It shows you the starting level of your client, and if you use said shade from Danger Jones, the expected result…a first in the hair colour industry!

Libertine Shade chart from Danger Jones

The Formulation

The team of artists have worked hard behind the scenes to create a formula unlike any other. The silky smooth viscocity of the colour makes it great for saturating the hair and blending easily.

One thing most notice first about the Danger Jones semi-permanent hair colour shades is the smell. It’s fragranced with a a floral-like scent, making it feel like a high-quality product.

Getting Started with Danger Jones Semi-Permanents

@locksbylauryn is here to help you get started using Danger Jones Semi-Permanent hair color.

How To Use Danger Jones Semi-Permanent Colour?

  1. Start with clean, dry hair. Colours are most vibrant when the hair is pre-lightened
  2. Apply desired colours in 1/4-1/2 inch sections, making sure to completely saturate from roots to ends
  3. Process at room temperature for 35 minutes, no heat
  4. Rinse thoroughly with cool water and high water pressure. Do not shampoo. Condition ends if needed.
  5. Dry and style as desired.

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